17 Flat thing p(r)aying for attention

“Trying everything I can to make men want them”.

With her tiny tits she is so flat and unattractive that she has to resort to drastic measures to get attention from men and be seen as a sexual object. Yet with her tiny humps, no amount of money in the world can convince men to see her as a real woman. Most don’t even get hard because her upper body looks looks like a man’s body.

So in addition to paying ridiculous sums to men to fuck her and cum on her to build up her (rightfully) low self esteem, she has to allow each and every one of them to use and abuse her in whatever humiliating way they want – just so they can get hard and she can pretend that men want her because she looks like a real woman. If only the fantasy wasn’t so expensive for her – both financially and mentally. Because more often than not, the humiliating things they do with her destroy her self esteem even more.

Published by smalltitshumiliation

I make fun of flat girls.

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