Share your thoughts: Girl at work

There’s this girl at work. She’s 25 years old. She’s skinny and is completely flat-chested. She’s got a cute face and all the guys like her but again, she’s flat-chested. I’ve even seen her bare boobs (which I refer to as “mosquito bites”) before and they are embarrassing, lol. I have a small penis (only 2 inches) but no one knows that by looking at me. But for a girl, everyone can see that she’s flat-chested, it’s great! She’s very self-conscious about it too.


That’s great, she certainly should be self-conscious about it. Everyone notices how flat she is and thinks she is inferior and worthless because of it and there is nothing she can do about it. Poor little thing.

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I make fun of flat girls.

5 thoughts on “Share your thoughts: Girl at work

  1. I work with a woman who is 35 and has the smallest tits in the store. She is the oldest woman in the store. Girls just out of high school have bigger tits then her. None of us respect her. She wants us to believe she has a boyfriend too lol
    odds are that boyfriend is the 10 fingers she was born with. But worst of all her nipples are hard all the time. Like as if she’s horny all the time. But I guess being a flat 35 year old loser you don’t get laid often if ever. So she’s gonna be horny.


    1. Poor “woman”. She’s lucky that you even noticed her nipples at all. Maybe you should write the address of this blog on a piece of paper and secretly put it in her bag , maybe she checks it out and decides she wants to get exposed 😉


      1. I just may. This girl needs to get exposed. She added me on Facebook and she’s so ashamed of her body she only post pics of her face. Which isn’t that great looking either lol


  2. Reminds me of my sister’s friend. We were around 22 at the time. She was completely flat chested. My little niece was about 12 and had noticeable buds


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