23 “Am I desirable?”

“Am I desirable?”

Is this a serious question? You are a useless slut with small tits. Nobody wants or desires you. You are a piece of meat to be abused, tortured and played with for a man’s pleasure, just to be thrown away after he came and is satisfied. The mere fact that you have to ask if you’re desirable shows that you – rightfully, due to your small tits – have no dignity or self confidence. You can try to become the biggest slut with the fewest limits, but men will still only want you to abuse and degrade you. That’s all you’re good for.

Published by smalltitshumiliation

I make fun of flat girls.

One thought on “23 “Am I desirable?”

  1. Is that really your question? You should in fact try to find someone who enjoys the look of a little boy, those are very small. What sexual value do you have? I would love to hear.


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