47 Almost entirely naked but there is still nothing to see (part 3)

This flat-chested, 19 year old worthless pig, that was seen only in her underwear in the last post, has lost one more piece of clothing. Unfortunately, there is still nothing attractive or arousing to be seen.

There are no curves, lines, or shadows to be found anywhere on her body – except maybe on her slightly hairy, unused pussy. Hopefully nobody ever had to touch her useless cunt.

Flatties like her should never have sex. She risks traumatizing men who have to see or, worse yet, touch her ugly body. To make matters worse, she is not just an ugly flatty, but also a jealous one who secretly feels bad about her friends getting the sexual attention she so desperately craves.

When did you first realize that your tits are smaller than they should be?

“I first realized they were small when my best friend outgrew me, followed by all my other friends. I was always jealous of how they looked in bathing suits or their dresses to school dances. I hated feeling like people saw me as a much younger child compared to them, and was sad about how much more attention they got from boys.”

Share your insults and ideas about punishments for this pig in the comments.

Published by smalltitshumiliation

I make fun of flat girls.

7 thoughts on “47 Almost entirely naked but there is still nothing to see (part 3)

  1. At least she knows her place, being a whore exposing herself to strangers, is all she is good for, this is the easiest way she is getting any pleasure, this little boy needs to beg for someone to even consider touching her. She makes for a good laugh tho, to entertain a bit, I want to see the whore slapping her “tits” so she remember to flat thing she is.

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  2. You must find an owner to serve soon, you have nothing to offer a real relationship you are a humiliation whore who needs used to for nothing more then following up with sex cleanup.


  3. Awwwww is the little baby gonna cry??? Bet any 5yo female preschooler has more tits than you. Do you need a diaper??? That pussy certainly looks like a little girl’s one…


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