33 Standing on the toilet as punishment

Only men and real women are allowed to walk around the house and touch the floor. With her flat chest, there is only one appropriate place for her: the toilet. Sitting, however, would be too comfortable for her. Therefore, her master decided to give her a choice: stand on the toilet or sleep in front of the house. 

In winter, sleeping in front of the house is hardly an option, so she has no choice other than to stand on the toilet. Over the years, she had to learn to sleep while standing without falling down – and in those few cases where she still falls down after falling asleep, her master’s tit whipping is much more painful than the pain from falling.

At least she has finally found a reason to be grateful for her flat chest: if she actually had real tits, if would be much more difficult for her to sleep while standing because the weight of her tits would make keeping the balance much more difficult.

32 “Are my tits big enough?”

“Are my tits big enough?”

At first, I’d be inclined to say that your tits appear to be bigger than most on this blog, at least on the first picture. But upon closer inspection, a large part of that seems to be due to the lighting , your choice of bra and – at least on the second picture – due to your pushing up your “tits” with your arms.

But even more importantly, the fact that you are so insecure about your “tits” that you have to ask whether they are big enough speaks volumes about you. Clearly you have, through the course of your life, picked up upon the thousands and thousands of small glances, gestures, comments and almost indiscernible behaviors of men and real, busty women around you, who clearly seemed to think that your “tits” are inadequate.

You yourself seem to be convinced of that, too. Why else would you have to ask, and why else would you be too ashamed to show your naked tits, and hide them underneath a bra and with your arms? The answer is probably that you are not just ashamed of the size of your “tits”, but also of your areola, nipples, or sagginess. You poor, poor, worthless thing.

31 Too ashamed to show her face

She is so ashamed of her flat chest that she has to hide her face when she is naked – she couldn’t stand seeing her own chest, and hasn’t looked at her naked body since high school, when she realized that she would always be flat and never a real woman.

But the truth is inescapable, and even if she doesn’t want to see it, it’s obvious to everyone else. Not even the strongest push-up bra can help her. She doesn’t have any tits. She is at the end of the bottom of the food chain, a totally useless and worthless piece of meat, to be used by whoever desires to use her. Being raped by a homeless person would be the biggest compliment she ever received in her life – but sadly for her, even that hasn’t happened yet, despite her regular prayers.

30 Exposing her flatness

One almost needs a magnifying glass to notice that she has her tits exposed. But it doesn’t take a genius to imagine that her teenage years were a nightmare: all her friends grew tits and made out with boys, while she was ignored completely.

But the most embarrassing situations for her took place when she was at home. When God distributed tits, he somehow overlooked her, but he seemingly tried to compensate for his oversight by giving her mother and her little sister more than their fair share.

While she did her best to never be seen naked by her family and wear lose clothes, she couldn’t escape the humiliation when it was time for doing laundry. Despite being a few years younger than her, her sister started wearing bras a year before she got her first one; and even afterwards, her sisters bras were always at least two cup sizes larger than hers. 

Whether for that reason or for some other, her parents always treated her younger sister better than her – and her large-breasted sibling behaved quite arrogantly towards her and used every opportunity to humiliate her in front of her friends. 

Once, her evil sister “accidentally” didn’t notice that she was chilling with her crush in her room, when she “kindly” came in to drop off her freshly washed underwear with all the tiny bras – while wearing a bikini. Needless to say, nothing happened after that, although the rumor spread in her school that the big-breasted sister and her crush had a one night stand a few weeks later

29 Small and Saggy

The only thing worse than tiny tits are tiny hanging tits. But she shouldn’t be surprised. That’s what happens if you can’t wear bras because your tits are too small: even their almost insignificant weight is subject to gravity. The bad thing about having tiny tits isn’t just how inadequate you are, but that you become even more inadequate every single day, and that there is nothing you can do about it.

28 Too small for a bra

Although the clothing industry produces clothing in all sizes for reasons of political correctness, no reasonable person should waste money on bras with a cup smaller than C: women with such tiny tits are obviously not in need of them.

Yet this flatty is clearly so desperate to wear something around its tits and feel like a real woman that it apparently begged somebody to get tied up and wear a rope bra in the process. If only she had known that she will remain tied up until the entire neighborhood abused and laughed at her.

27 “My friends laughed at me in high school”

When did you realize that your “tits” are smaller than they should be?

“My friends laughed at me in high school when they realised I didn’t have a bra on, I thought I might be slightly smaller than a girl should be”

What is the most embarrassing/humiliating experience you ever had with your tiny “tits”?

At a small party, my male friend took of his shirt and it led to others calling for me to take off mine, and everyone compared us both (and it ended in having to “prove” I was actually a girl with showing a friend my entire naked body…)”

The only good thing that can be said about this ugly, titless flattie is that it is aware of its place and its lack of tits. It has even realized how undesirable it is, that nobody would ever want to fuck it and that there is therefore no need to shave its useless pussy.

When looking at such a flat, useless body, one doesn’t know if one should cry from disgust, or laugh, as this flatties friends have done, because a woman without tits just looks utterly ridiculous. It would be an insult to real women to call this flattie a woman – and no amount of getting naked or showing its entire body is going to change that.

26 “Everyone makes fun of them”

“Everyone makes fun of them.”

Rightfully so. If you’d flex your muscles, chances are your bicep would be bigger than your embarrassingly small tits. But it’s not enough if people make fun of your tits. They should punish them for having stopped growing at a time when real womens’ tits just got started. And you should encourage them to be as harsh as possible.

25 “Am I a real woman?”

“Am I a real woman? Would men desire this body?”

Don’t be ridiculous. If you have to ask, you know the answer. You have a nice, slim physique – but apart from that, Mother Nature wasn’t kind to you. The most desirable thing for men in a woman are tits, and all you have are two embarrassingly small humps with nipples on them. Only real women are allowed to wear bras, and you are certainly not a real woman. Your body can still be desirable for men: but only as a punching bag and an object to torture, not because they get aroused when seeing your flat chest.

24 Another poor flat thing

Another poor flattie where one has to look at least three or four times to notice that she is naked. Not even the marks from the clamps make her flat chest any more noticeable – or attractive, for that matter. She should be ashamed of herself. Hopefully she gets red from embarrassment whenever she sees a real woman or accidentally catches a reflection of herself in a mirror.