Challenges for small-breasted women

Take the flattie challenges

You want to prove that you realized your fate and accepted your place as an inferior, useless flattie without tits? Good. Try to complete the ten flattie challenges, take pictures and get exposed.

The ten challenges
  1. Show the world that you have realized that you deserve humiliation and are an object of entertainment and fun by writing on your flat chest
  2. Large bra: Put on a bra that is at least two sizes to big (i.e. that would be completeley normal and appropriate to be worn by a real woman) and show the world (and yourself) how far you are away from being sexy and attractive
  3. Destroyed bra: Flatties do not need to wear bras at all. Take one of your bras and destroy it – by cutting it, burning it or some other means – and take a picture with the destroyed bra and “bras are reserved for real women” on your flat chest
  4. Clamp challenge: Put as many clamps as possible on your “tits”. If your “tits” were reasonably sized, you should have no trouble putting on at least 40. But I’m sure you won’t even get close
  5. Cucumber fuck: Put a large, fat cucumber between your “tits” and try to hold it up by pressing them together
  6. Stand in front of a wall: If you had any tits, they would hit the wall before your nose
  7. Toilet licking: Flatties can’t be used for sex and they are too stupid to even be used for conversations. But maybe they can be used for cleaning. Take a picture of you licking a toilet clean
  8. Busty friend: Compare yourself with a superior, busty friend and take a picture next to her. If you’re too scared, look at some pictures of actual tits on a screen and take a picture of yourself next to it
  9. Self-degradation: Write the most humiliating, self-degrading, embarrassing text on your flat chest
  10. Anal only: Flatties do not deserve any orgasms or sexual pleasure. Put a cucumber, a hammer or some large item into your ass and write “I’m too flat to deserve orgasms” above your pussy