75 – “I need to be humiliated to masturbate”

Flat-chested woman desperate for attention covering her tiny tits with one hand. It looks as if she does not even have any tits
The advantage of having small tits is that this ugly flatty can cover both its “tits” with just one hand

This flatty is as eager to get exposed as it is lacking tits.

It regularly keeps on begging and begging and asking when it’s going to get exposed.

Apparently, it can’t even masturbate without knowing that it is getting humiliated and ridiculed.

I really need to be exposed.  My kitty craves it. I need to be humiliated to masturbate.

– Flatty 75

Even getting humiliated and laughed at has to be earned by flatties

Flat-chested woman desperate for attention covering her tiny tits with one hand. She is flat as an ironing board.
If I had not seen her naked, I wouldn’t even believe that there are “tits” behind her hand

Yet flatties have to learn that, the smaller their tits, the lower their priority. And the lower their priority, the more they have to beg – even if it is to get humiliated.

So let’s start this flatty’s exposure slowly and then see how it continues to behave.

You can already see that it doesn’t have any tits. Even when it is pushing them together and upwards, they are invisible. Just like this flatty must have been invisible to men for all its life.

What do you expect its tits to look like when (and if) I decide to further expose it?

As always: share your thoughts and insults in the comments.

2 thoughts on “75 – “I need to be humiliated to masturbate”

  1. Daddy4bigtits

    I bet it is masturbating to this exposure right now. I hope it begs to be further exposed soon. This may be one of the smallest and ugliest yet.

  2. 123456789

    Lol, those things are tiny. I’m sure we will have a good laugh once her flat chest will be fully exposed soon.

    And flatty75 is either very stupid or very into humiliation.

    With those non-existent “tits” she already has the figure of a pre-puberty girl, not of an adult woman. And then she chose a pigtail? A hairstyle associated with young girls? Lol.

    So she is either stupid enough to even underline her non-womanhood by choosing the hairstyle of an 8-year-old girl.

    Or that is exactly what she wants: To show everybody that her body obviously missed to start puberty. In that case: Congratulations, flatty75, Mission Accomplished! You look like a little girl. Now act your body’s age, grab a lollipop and go play with your barbie doll.


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