Apply here if you are flat-chested, into humiliation and want to get degraded in an anonymous video call

Are you as flat as this flattie? Then you might just be in need of some online humiliation

Many flatties have already been exposed on by following the instructions outlining what needs to be done to get exposed.

For one of the next flatties, instead of making a post such as the one exposing flattie 73 that got shouted at in public or the one exposing flattie 72 that wanted to make its tits grow with a breast pump, I want to do something slightly different.

Get exposed and humiliated on skype and write about your experience afterwards

All you need is a functioning camera/webcam. We’ll do a(n anonymous) call on skype (or via an alternative app), during which you won’t need to show your face, but your entire naked body.

We will have a chat at first about what your limits and boundaries are, and then you will have to perform a number of humiliating tasks that will fall within the limits you initially mentioned.

I’ll take some screenshots or you’ll take some picture during the experience.

Afterwards, I will make a post about how pathetic and desperate you were, and you will share a written reflection on how the experience made you feel.

Get over your fear and apply now

If that gets your pathetic pussy wet, get over your fear and apply now. You’ll need to share the same pictures and initial answers as every other flattie, plus write a few sentences about why you want to take part in this experience.

11 thoughts on “Apply here if you are flat-chested, into humiliation and want to get degraded in an anonymous video call

  1. 55

    My owners want to submit pictures of them shaving my head. The only thing worse than being fat and flat is fat,flat and bald.

      1. 55

        I’m not allowed to wear make-up. My owners consider that too feminine for me, and that’s not what they’re going for, as in looks. I do look like a guy. It’s humiliating but I know that’s what I’m good for.

  2. X5xx

    Of course it’s humiliating for you. but that’s the way it is. No breasts, no dignity. Besides, people around you would probably just be confused if they saw a boy’s torso with a woman’s head…

    I hope you post the pictures of your new hairstyle soon. I would think it would be appropriate if you also provide some information about your relationship with your owners. How many are there? What gender are your owners? Are they younger or older than you? What are your daily/weekly routines? What was the most humiliating thing you had to do for the owners? What demeaning nicknames did they give you? If you’re too embarrassed to post the whole thing here, you can also send it via PM. Let me know and I’ll provide a contact

    1. 55

      Good Morning!
      I’ll respond here, since this page was how we crossed paths and I should give the site owner and others the same enjoyment.
      My owners there’s 2 of them, they’re a couple who are younger than I am. A man, which I call Lord and his wife, whom I to refer to as Lady. She serves him, I serve them both. My daily routine varies day to day. But, each day, Lady shaves my head completely smooth. That’s a requirement, as I look like a guy, with my gut and no boobs. Weekly, I’m lent out to one of Lords friends to service him and his wife. He likes to watch my humiliation and to pleasure his wife. Some of my nicknames are “Cow”, “Heifer”, “Thing”, “Slob”, “Guy”, and whatever else comes out at the moment.

      The most humiliating thing has probably been when we went out to eat and my Lady made me wear a sports bra stuffed with ziploc bags, so any take-out would be put in the bags and carried out. She pulled out the bags in plain view of everyone and started putting food in them, then put them back in the sports bra. I was absolutely humiliated. I was to sit completely still, sitting on my hands, as told, until she put them in on the side, which made me fully raise my arm in mid air,which drew the attention of a waitress. She came over and asked if any assistance was needed. My lady accepted the assistance and asked if she could put a bag in the back of my bra since she was closer. The waitress obliged. When said and done,I was packed full of leftover bread rolls, a bag of spaghetti, dumpling soup,macaroni and cheese, and 4 BBQ chicken drumsticks.

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  4. Slave Cow (57)

    I’m still growing my gut, but my boobs are not getting larger. I’m starting to accept that my purpose in life, at almost 40 is to be a cow,and nothing more.

    I think I’m the oldest on the site, I know I’m definitely the largest.


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