Frequently asked questions about Small Tits Humiliation

Questions about SmallTitsHumiliation.com

What’s the purpose of this site?

The purpose is to expose and humiliate flat-chested women and make fun of their inadequate and undeveloped chest. They are inferior to real women and should be put in their place.

Who are the women on the pictures?

The “women” on the pictures are all flatties that have small or non-existent tits, who realize that this makes them inferior and worthless and who have accepted their place in society. Their self-confidence has been destroyed so much that they have realized the only thing they can be good for is as objects of ridicule and humiliation. It is for this purpose that they have submitted pictures of themselves to this site, or its predecessor on tumblr/bdsmlr: so that they can masturbate to the thought of other people laughing at ridiculously tiny boobs.

Why are my comments not getting published?

There are hundreds of comments on here each month. Sadly, most of them are spam. If you include your email address or other contact details, chances are that your comment will get flagged as spam. I do not have the capacity to go through all the comments and individually “de-spam” those that are genuine. Plus, this is not a dating site with the goal of exchanging contact details anyway.

That being said, if you are a very regular commentator, make a post that includes contact details and gets automatically tagged as spam, I might make an exception if I see it (or if you notify me, e.g. via email).

Questions about Tits and Tit Sizes

Are my tits too small? Should I be ashamed of them?

If you have to ask this question, your “tits” are likely too small. So yes, of course you should be ashamed of them. Nothing looks more ridiculous on a woman than a lack of tits. 

How do you rate tits? What’s the difference between beautiful and ugly boobs?

Tits can be judged according to five criteria. I have written a detailed guide with example pictures about how boobs should look like. If yours don’t fulfill all of them, you should definitely worry about whether you should be ashamed of your tiny humps.

But men like me! My tits may be small, but they’re still hot and attractive!

Stop lying to yourself. Men may pretend not to notice how small your “tits” are or not laugh in your face to not hurt your feelings, but everyone who knows you will likely make fun of your tiny “tits” behind your back. If, despite your flat chest, you have managed to attract a husband/boyfriend etc., he, too, will wish that you had bigger tits. Most likely, he either secretly masturbates to images of real women or is cheating on you with women that have actual tits.

Questions about getting exposed on smalltitshumiliation.com

What will happen if my “tits” get exposed on here?

People will realize how flat and worthless you are. They will humiliate you and everyone who sees your tiny “tits” will laugh at you.

My picture is on here and I haven’t submitted it!

This shouldn’t have happened. Let me know and it will be removed.

My picture is on here. I submitted it, but I have changed my mind. Can you please please please please remove it?

No. You will forever remain exposed and everyone can see how worthless and inadequate you are.

What do I have to do to get exposed on here?

You can find out how to get your tits exposed to the whole world here. It includes sending me pictures, including one with smalltitshumiliation.com written on your flat chest as proof that you are the person on your pictures. 

Can you expose my wife/girlfriend/ex-girlfriend/sister/daughter/mother/grandma/nephew/neighbor?


I really want to get exposed on here, but I don’t have a pen/am illiterate/have had both my arms amputated/for whatever other reason cannot send you a picture with smalltitshumiliation.com written on my chest, can you please expose me nonetheless?

Flatty’s ex-boyfriend, trying to get revenge and pretending to be her


Questions about the Small Tits Humiliation fetish

Is this really a thing? Do men really care so much about tits?


It’s really mean to make fun of flatties, it’s not their fault that they have no tits.

That’s part of the fun.

No, but it’s really mean, you’re a total asshole and you shouldn’t be doing this, this site is really terrible.

What you’re doing is called kink-shaming, and you should leave.