This flatty is begging to get exposed again – can you guess which one it is?

Can you guess which ugly flatty is begging for further exposure?

I already complained in many posts about the flaky, unreliable nature of many flatties.

Many flatties beg to get exposed, but then feel so humiliated, vulnerable and exposed that they just disappear – falsely thinking that this would make any difference regarding how people think about them and their ridiculous, embarrassing “tits”.

What’s even more frustrating, however, is that many of these flatties are so desperate for attention that they, after their disappearance, resurface again, only to go through the same cycle of begging for exposure and going into complete hiding again.

The flatty from this picture is one such example.

Do you think that you are able to beg for exposure without being as flaky as the ugly flatty from this picture? If yes, it’s time to find out.

These flatties need to learn: the flakier you are, the more embarrassing your exposure

After having gotten exposed for its ugly, embarrassing chest, it disappeared and stopped replying. After some time, it came back, begging to get exposed again, only to disappear once more.

It’s time that these flatties learn: the flakier you are, the more embarrassing, humiliating and unexpected your exposure.

And the first flatty that needs to learn this lesson is the flatty from this picture.

Can you guess which of the past flatties this one is?

What do you dislike most about its tits?

Share your thoughts and insults in the comments.

3 thoughts on “This flatty is begging to get exposed again – can you guess which one it is?

  1. 123456789

    Based on her pierced nipples and the size and form of her tiny tits I’d say this is Flatty65.

    Looks like she has gained a few pounds since then.

    Unfortunately only at her belly but not at her tiny chest humps, where she could really need some more…


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