69 – This curly-haired flatty got cold feet after begging to get exposed

Flat-chested, topless woman with curly hair exposes her tiny, almost non-existent tits nipples that are hard from the humiliation

In other posts, I have already described how flaky many of the flatties on here are. They read about how other flatties get exposed, get wet and horny, read about what they need to do to get exposed and then write me to beg for precisely that.

It is either directly after they hit “send”, or after the first exposure post, that many of them hide in a corner and cry, overcome by the shame of having openly admitted how inadequate and inferior they are – thoughts they often have tried to suppress for many, many years.

Eventually, however, almost all of them come back, apologizing for their pathetic behavior and begging for even more exposure.

Let’ see how long it takes this flatty, that also stopped replying after a rather detailed message in which it described its short-comings and humiliating experiences.

“My tits are so small he’ll say I look like a boy”

How old are you and what is your bra size?

“I am 34. 

I don’t really wear a bra anymore very much of the time, I think when I did buy them, I bought 32b (which could have been optimistic denial of the truth because I’m not sure they ever fit that well and I’m probably an a cup). But I’ve just accepted now that there’s not much point in bras for me.”

When was the first time that you noticed your tits are smaller than they should be?

“I suppose the whole time growing up when they stayed extremely flat and other girls actually had breasts. I’ve always known, from the moment tit size and sexuality became relevant. And until recently, I always resented it. Now, I’ve probably accepted them and come to terms with their size. They’ll never be bigger (well I guess I could try having a kid!) – but for now, seem to think they are okay.”

What is the most humiliating experience you had in relation to your small tits?

“Probably how my owner sometimes humiliates me. Because my tits are so small, he’ll say I look like a boy, and that my clit is a tiny dick and that when I masturbate, I have to jack off my tiny dick. That makes me feel so humiliated.”

Her nipples stand out like acne on a teenager’s face

It’s time to talk about how embarrassing and inadequate her body looks like and once and for all destroy her mistaken notion that her tits are actually okay.

There are five criteria to rate the attractiveness of tits. But given the size of her tits, one does not really need any criteria at all. It is simply obvious that her “tits” are so small that they do not even deserve the name.

Even calling them “nipples” would completely overstate what they are.

If her skin weren’t so pale and her red, swollen nipples would stand out like pimples on a teenager’s acne ridden face, her upper body would simply be overlooked.

Yesterday I used this website to cum. I generally love humiliation and the thought of myself being humiliated – and actually being humiliated.

– Flatty 69

But even apart from her flat-chest, there is absolutely nothing attractive or even remarkable about her body.

With her body’s complete lack of any shapes, it just looks like the trunk of a straight tree, where the dark bark has been removed to reveal the lighter inside.

The only “interesting” thing might indeed be her dick. Have you noticed the bulge in her underwear? I’m sure that there are men who look quite similar with their flaccid cocks pressing against the inside of their trunks. And it certainly doesn’t help that her bulge is bigger than her chest.

What do you think about this pathetic flatty?

As always: share your thoughts and insults in the comments. Both about her pathetic behavior, and about her ugly, unattractive body.

19 thoughts on “69 – This curly-haired flatty got cold feet after begging to get exposed

  1. Laughing

    That is so pathetic it is almost cute. How can women that look like this think their tits are “ok”? They are anything but ok, they are a real embarrassment

  2. 123456789

    It’s good to know that smalltitshumiliation is very reliable on verifying the age of the flatties.

    Otherwise i would be sure that we see the picture of a 12 year old girl who only just started puberty and is proud of the two tiny little bumps on her chest.

    But while the average 12yo can hope that those bumps will grow into real nice, big female boobs, flattie 69 can’t.

    Aged 34 “she” has left puberty far behind. No hope that the tiny bumps will turn into real boobs one day. Flat forever.

    I suggest instead of wearing no bra, “she” should wear a training bra. By this “she” would be reminded of the fact that her chest is forever stuck in early puberty.
    Daily humiliation. Every time “she” puts her training bra on or off “she” will be very aware of her flattness.

  3. Patrik

    She should read all the mocking comments until her panties are very wet, like she peed herself. Then she should put her panties on her face so she can feel what a stupid pathetic thing she is.

  4. Reviewer A

    69, I hope you appreciate how lucky you are. Not for your body or the mosquito bites posing as useful sex organs (be real with yourself,if you had a kid those lumps would not produce milk or get any larger), but because you somehow managed to find someone to own you and use you.

    That is clearly more than you deserve based on your appearance. BUT, you stand as an example for all tiny titted beta girls out there. Once you learn to accept your inferiority, if you get very lucky, maybe someday someone will choose to own you and use you. It is inspirational when you really think about it.

  5. Mick

    It is quite remarkable that flatty 69 would have even considered buying a 32B bra, delusional come to mind.

    She has a chest with zero tits and at that stage her femininity comes into question, particularly the bulge in her panties. Her master has trained her well, but the realisation that she has more male traits than female must go deep to her very soul.

    Even as a boy she is Inferior with her little tiny dick that she likes to stroke. Flatty 69 should be anal only.

    She needs to post more pictures so we can further degrade and humiliate her, it is what she craves and what she needs to get her wet.

  6. Robin

    I actually don’t believe this is a woman. Nice try pal, but you have been busted.

    1) He does not have any tits. Like none what so ever. As a woman would.
    2) He lacks any kind of curves like normal woman have.
    3) He CLEARLY has a dick in his panties. Since when have women dicks?!?
    4) There is not a single feminine feature on his body.

    I think it’s pretty save to assume this is some kind of cross dresser who tries to fool us into thinking he’s a real woman.

    Next time we need a better verification. After all we are supposed to laugh at flatties, not some teen boys trying to pull a fast one.

  7. Paul

    My wife has No tits to notice, since I am ashamed of her when we go out, she has to wear fake tits bra , they are made for crossdresser.
    What is worse, is her very loose pussy , it is a open hole, but we also solved the problem. I got a artificial vaginal masturbator which I shove in her ugly dripping hole. I even put electrodes on the outside to give her shocks while I enjoy the tight massaging of the inside and she screems and convulsives wild, the electrodes inside her keep her moving in pain, but it makes her come knowing that she is some use to me, despite her poor body , I let her lick that masturbator ,she eagerly licks my come out. I will get rings put in her nipples and I might get her used at our poolpatries from my mates, should be fun have her nipples toyed with and have her go wild when used with my electric pussy.

    1. 57

      I’ve worn those fake crossdresser tits. They’re embarrassingly large and mine, they look like they’re fake. It’s part of my humiliation, to show how desperate I am for breasts.

      1. Reviewer A

        When and where do you wear them? And do you do so on a man’s instruction or out of your own pathetic desire to move beyond your limitations?

        You should post pictures of yourself in the same outfit with and without the desperately fake tits.

        Reviewer a reviews @gmail

        1. 57

          They are worn when the superior genders; a man and a woman with stunning breasts require me too. I’ve been required to wear them to work one day and the next day, I’m not allowed to wear them. It’s mortifying because my coworkers see a vast difference from one day to the next. There was one time I was wearing mine while comparing sizes to a medium watermelon, people were starring at me, while walking past me holding up the melon next to my very obviously fake crossdresser tips. They’re very obviously fake because they’re not the same flesh tone as I am and the top of them can be seen when pushed up. It’s pretty pathetic

          1. Reviewer A

            That is indeed the most pathetic thing I have heard this week. And to think, most fatties have real tits. For you to go from fat and flat to obviously begging for attention to flat again… Your co-workers must still be telling that story behind your back. They would not have respected you before this anyway, but that surely confirmed what their natural instincts were telling them.

            I hope you are grateful for the superior genders in your life who bother to take the time to degrade you.

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  9. SoCalBen

    Lol at “her” panty bulge. Clitty’s bigger than the titties. Agreed that “she” should post some more embarrassing, revealing pics of that truly flat body…

  10. Ben

    I think she should just say she is trans from the waist up. I feel like i am looking at a boy for sure.

    No wonder she chickens out really.

  11. Charles North

    Even her nipples are gross. What an excuse of a “woman”. 13 year olds would be embarrassed at those pecs.


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