48 She is desperately trying to make her ugly tits look nice with sexy underwear

After flatty number 48 got exposed on here, she felt terribly ashamed of her ugly tits and embarrassed about being exposed and the comments she received. In a desperate attempt to feel better about her ugly, uneven tits, she tried to make them look better with this playful bra – by hiding their unevenness andContinue reading “48 She is desperately trying to make her ugly tits look nice with sexy underwear”

Looking for flatties who want their self-confidence ruined

I’m looking for flatties who feel bad about their tiny or non-existent tits and who are willing to commit 10-20 minutes a day for about a month to complete a program with tasks (such as negative affirmations) designed to make them feel ashamed of their “tits”, and who are willing to report about the effect of the training on them. IfContinue reading “Looking for flatties who want their self-confidence ruined”

45 The most beautiful illustration of the ugliest possible “tits”

“I realized that my tits are smaller than they should be when I was 16 or 17. Men wrote and said that my tits are disgusting and ugly. It was humiliating.” This disgusting piece of trash has some of the ugliest “tits” one can imagine. They are just plain ugly in every conceivable way. FirstContinue reading “45 The most beautiful illustration of the ugliest possible “tits””

41 Too ashamed to even show her “tits”

This titless, flat “girl” keeps being in denial and claims that she isn’t “flat” and that her tits actually “got bigger” in the past few months. Still: at last, she was finally able to look truth in the eye for a few seconds and write down what she deep down must know to be trueContinue reading “41 Too ashamed to even show her “tits””

38 Flat, hairy, disgusting gangbang whore

What is your bra size?“UK 34A cup”How old are you and where are you from?“35 Scotland”Do you wear push up bras or try to make your tits look bigger than they are?“No I do not wear push ups”When did you first realize that your tits are smaller than they should be?“First realised they were tinyContinue reading “38 Flat, hairy, disgusting gangbang whore”

36 She shouldn’t be smiling

Her chest could hardly be any flatter: many men have bigger “tits” than she does. The fact that she is still smiling shows that she has come to a point where she has accepted that she is inferior to real women, that it makes no sense for her to compete with them in any way. ForContinue reading “36 She shouldn’t be smiling”

34 Trying to make her “tits” visible

Her “tits” are so tiny and she is so flat that she has to resort to painful measures to make them visible. One strong and quick pull on the chain and her nipples would be torn off. It would be painful for her, but apart from that, it wouldn’t really matter: her flat chest is alreadyContinue reading “34 Trying to make her “tits” visible”

33 Standing on the toilet as punishment

Only men and real women are allowed to walk around the house and touch the floor. With her flat chest, there is only one appropriate place for her: the toilet. Sitting, however, would be too comfortable for her. Therefore, her master decided to give her a choice: stand on the toilet or sleep in frontContinue reading “33 Standing on the toilet as punishment”

29 Small and Saggy

The only thing worse than tiny tits are tiny hanging tits. But she shouldn’t be surprised. That’s what happens if you can’t wear bras because your tits are too small: even their almost insignificant weight is subject to gravity. The bad thing about having tiny tits isn’t just how inadequate you are, but that youContinue reading “29 Small and Saggy”

28 Too small for a bra

Although the clothing industry produces clothing in all sizes for reasons of political correctness, no reasonable person should waste money on bras with a cup smaller than C: women with such tiny tits are obviously not in need of them. Yet this flatty is clearly so desperate to wear something around its tits and feelContinue reading “28 Too small for a bra”