25 “Am I a real woman?”

“Am I a real woman? Would men desire this body?”

Don’t be ridiculous. If you have to ask, you know the answer. You have a nice, slim physique – but apart from that, Mother Nature wasn’t kind to you. The most desirable thing for men in a woman are tits, and all you have are two embarrassingly small humps with nipples on them. Only real women are allowed to wear bras, and you are certainly not a real woman. Your body can still be desirable for men: but only as a punching bag and an object to torture, not because they get aroused when seeing your flat chest.

One thought on “25 “Am I a real woman?”

  1. Masterj

    I don’t know if we are judging by those tiny tits that would be a NO. What other things do you have to offer a man?


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