39 The useless flattie compares itself to a real woman

The flattie that used to wear bras bought by its mom has already completed its punishment, as determined by number of votes. But as a punishment for taking too long to get a hold of a cucumber to fuck its ass, it has also completed the challenge with the second most votes: a comparison of its flat chest with the tits of a real woman.

Even as a spectator, it is painful to watch such a comparison. The contrast is just too stark, the difference too large to not feel pity for the poor, titless flattie. The only thing potentially more embarrassing than this comparison is how much the flattie gets turned on by it. On none of the other pictures, its nipples appear to be as hard as on this one. I bet it would leak from its unused cunt if it were ever able to touch the tits of a real woman.

2 thoughts on “39 The useless flattie compares itself to a real woman

  1. Masterj

    Do you want to touch your friends tits the ones who have real tits not the little Flatties you have? See what It’s like to be a women.

    1. 57

      Yes. I’ve always wanted to have a womanly chest. Much like #39, I’m useless in the breast area. However, my cow looks help with my usability. My owners are happy to have me be embarrassed by everyone, especially when it comes to my gut and teets. I’m currently holding my mistresses breasts up by sitting on the floor and her resting them on my head. At least I’m good for her relief, physically and emotionally, because who wouldn’t feel better about themselves with a flat cow around.


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