40 “One girl pointed out that I was flat”

When was the first time you realized that your “tits” are smaller than they should be?

“When everyone needed a bra because their boobs were big, but when I wore it I knew I didnt need it… even the smallest one was loose in the cups.”

What is the most embarrassing/humiliating experience you ever had with your tiny “tits”?

“When in a school sleepover, one girl pointed out that I was flat even though I was wearing a pushup and all the girls pinned me to the ground and confirmed that I was actually flat.”

After eternally having been ignored by men because of its disgusting, tiny “tits”, this flattie has decided that it finally wants some attention – if only once, somebody would actually look at its “tits”, it is going to be happy.

Too bad that nobody will look at this flat chest in the same way that one would look at real tits. Instead, her “tits” will only be looked at with disgust or as a kind of amusement. After all, these “tits” are really as ugly as they could possibly be: despite being tiny, they are still quite saggy, the areola are disproportionately large and, as one can see particularly well in the picture with the bra on (which she should not even be allowed to wear), they are even hairy!

This flattie should be ashamed of its disgusting, tiny tits, and it should apologize to anyone who ever, for whatever reason, had to endure looking at them.

9 thoughts on “40 “One girl pointed out that I was flat”

  1. Missy (#40)

    These are my pictures. Whatever has been written above is true. I am deeply and immensely ashamed of my ugly tits, if I may dare to refer to them as tits.

    My entire life I have always been painfully aware about their horrible size, but now through this post I have realized they are ugly too. I am fat and the least i could have done was have big tits, but instead i have a flat chest and a huge body. Putting these pictures up online was extremely scary because before i could hide them under my pushup bras but now they are out there for any one to see and judge. And I can never take them back. My shameful tits are on display for the world. I apologize to every one out there for my disproportionate and disgusting chest. I deserve to be humiliated and I profusely apologize for having such abominable titties.
    I see other girls around with big tits and cannot help but feel inferior to them. I know that one will ever be attracted to my tits. And even if i fool them with my pushup bra, i always see the disappointment when they take it off and get a flat chest. I deserve to degrade myself in anyway anyone pleases to punish me for this disgrace, and punish these tits too.

  2. Masterj

    You should honestly tell what your true values are to a man? Being you have no tits, what do you do for a man to make up for your lack of tits?

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