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56 – This flatty now feels like everyone is laughing at her disgusting tits

You could already read about how others laugh at flatty 56’s tits when she is dressed. Unfortunately for her, she looks even more ridiculous and pathetic when naked.

One really has to wonder why ugly flatties like her take so many nude pictures of themselves, often in front of a mirror.

If she would actually realize how ugly she is and how others perceive her, she would immediately remove all her mirrors and destroy all the pictures she has because she could not stand seeing herself.

Her pussy was soaking from being exposed online

At least, there seems to be hope that she is beginning to become aware of how unattractive and inadequate her tits are. Here is what she felt like after being exposed in the last post.

“When I first opened your post I was instantly embarrassed and blushing being welcomed by my two tiny tits and nipples. I feel really embarrassed what everyone will think, but what better way is there to shame my tiny tits than to expose them to everyone?

My pussy was soaking when I read your post. It seems I only cum now when my little lumps are being exposed and laughed at.

Now that I told my story, I feel like everyone is laughing at my tits and not just the two ladies at the salon. I started to ask myself: are my tits really that tiny and ugly? I’m thinking that maybe I should let the world see them and make fun of them. I feel I should walk around in public with my tits exposed so everyone can point at them and laugh.

Your post made me feel embarrassed and I’m now thinking that women with really big tits will laugh at me and shame my little tits.”

– Flatty 56

This is what her saggy boobs with oversized areola look like

So, what do her tits actually look like? It’s not really hard to criticize and humiliate her, because her tits are ugly according to all the official criteria for rating tits.

Size: we could already tell that her tits are ridiculously small when she was dressed. And clearly, everyone she meets in her daily life immediately notices her lack of tits as well. Seeing her naked only confirms this first impression.

Firmness and shape: One doesn’t need to touch her ugly humps to notice that they aren’t firm at all and completely out of shape. They are almost invisible, and yet they look like gravity is pulling them downwards with all its force. It’s a really ridiculous sight.

Areola: This is one of her many, many weaknesses. Like so many flatties on here, she doesn’t just have tits that are too small, but also areola that are way too large. Not only that, but on some of the pictures you can see that they even consist of disgusting, tiny pimples.

Nipples: Her nipples are desperate for attention. On every single picture, they are hard and do everything in their power to draw our glance to tits that are almost unnoticeable. And yet, because everything surrounding them is so disgusting, it’s unimaginable that a baby would every want to suck them.

Symmetry: On some of the pictures, they look quite similar – but don’t let this impression mislead you. If you look closely enough, you will notice that they aren’t symmetrical at all. One of them is bigger, much more saggy and outward-pointing, which just makes her look like a complete joke.

What do you find most appalling about her boobs?

If you’ve managed to read up to this point without vomiting, it’s now time to amplify her embarrassment. What do you find most appalling about her tits? Why does she deserve to be laughed at and ridiculed? Share your thoughts and insults in the comments.

55 – “I wear A cup bras but I don’t fully fill them”

Embarrassed woman with hard nipples exposes her tiny tits to hear objective ratings
She is so embarrassed that her nipples get hard whenever she gets naked

This flatty is a wonderful illustration of the correlation between bra size and brain size. And with these tiny tits, it’s no wonder she’s making so many stupid mistakes, that real women would never make.

She really thinks that her tits aren’t that bad

On the one hand, she admits that she has been reading and fantasizing about small tits humiliation “for a while”. Yet at the same time, she claims that she doesn’t really think her tits are as ugly and inadequate as they so obviously are.

I don’t think my breasts are that bad, but I want to hear other’s honest opinions on them.

Flatty 55

It’s time to teach her the truth. She asked for honest opinions, so let her know how worthless and ridiculous she is in the comments. Clearly, her areola are ugly and too big for her tit size, her tits differ in size and one is even a little bit saggy, despite being small.

She’s also too stupid to correctly write the name of this website, as you can see on her flat chest – even though she came here to masturbate countless of times. Then again, maybe it wasn’t really a mistake, but a simple admission that her two tits combined are as big as a single breast of a real woman.

“My friend with DD cups started to make jokes about my flat chest”

What is your bra size?

I wear A cup bras but I don’t fully fill them, most of the time I wear push up bras with extra padding so that they look bigger.“

When was the first time you realized that your tits are smaller than they should be?

“The first time I realized my tits are smaller than they should be was when my friend with DD cups started to make jokes about my flat chest, even in front of my boyfriend. When we were on the topic of bras once, I lied and told her my cup size was a B because I was too ashamed of my actual size. She was very sympathetic and comforted me, saying, “They look cute though!” It was so embarrassing that she thought that a B was too small, as I can’t even fill my A cup bras.”

What is the most embarrassing/humiliating experience you ever had with your tiny “tits”?

“The most humiliating experience I’ve had was when my boyfriend wanted to try and tit fuck, but my tits were too small. We’ve also touched on the topic of him looking at other women with big tits, and I’m ashamed to say that it turns me on a lot. I felt so dumb.”

She’s not even filling the tiniest bra

Flat chested woman wearing a tiny a cup bra that is still too big for her
You’re seeing this correctly: there is a gap of multiple centimeters between her a cup bra and her flat chest

Most women wouldn’t even be able to put on an a cup bra; it would simple be too small to contain their large, beautiful tits. A woman has to be truly unfortunate to have tits so small that she has the opposite problem when confronted with an a cup bra: it’s so big that she can’t wear it without looking like a child trying on her mothers’ bra for the first time. You should be truly ashamed of your inadequacy!

Right after she sent in her embarrassing pictures, she had a huge orgasm.

Like most flatties, she was terribly scared after sending in her pictures, but also had a huge orgasm right afterwards. Let’s see if she’ll have the courage to even read the post and the replies. And if she’ll keep her promise to send additional pictures.

I admit that was touching myself whilst typing out the email, and I came as soon as I pressed send. It’s embarrassing to say how many times I’ve checked to see if you’ve replied to me. I’ve been checking the site regularly but I don’t know if I will be able to read it when you do post something.

– Flatty 55

Share your insults and ratings in the comments

As always, feel free to share your thoughts in the comments. In the basically impossible case that you need help to find faults with her “tits”, the pictured guide to judging tits is here to help you.

54 – This blonde has absolutely no tits and deserves public humiliation

This blonde’s tits are a total disgrace. She doesn’t even have two tiny humps – she is basically completely flat. That is perhaps why her nipples are hard at all times and on every single picture that you can see in this and future posts: because she is desperately attempting to draw attention to two invisible “tits”.

No wonder her boyfriend uses, exposes and humiliates her

Men aren’t attracted to flat boards. As a result, it’s almost impossible for flatties to attract boyfriends who treat them with respect and don’t cheat on them, no matter how attractive they might otherwise be. Tits are, for most men, simply the most important factor.

If flat-chested women are lucky, they can get a drunk man to have a one night stand with them (which he will regret the next morning). But to have sex with one and the same man more than once, most flatties are willing to do whatever the man wants, whenever he wants. They have to sacrifice their dignity and self-worth or they will die as unfucked virgins.

Since #54 looks pathetic and ugly with her useless mosquito bites, it’s clear that no man would be able to get off from having vanilla sex with her. So, to find her current boyfriend, she had to do more than real women with boobs would have to do: she has to serve him as a sub.

What humiliating tasks do you want her to perform on Skype?

Her owner and I already discussed a number of humiliating tasks that she had to perform, such as licking their toilet clean or attempting to put a cock between her “tits”, which is a really ridiculous sight. I will post more of these pictures within the next days.

We also agreed that she will have to perform a number of tasks live on Skype, which I will record and upload for you here to further add to her humiliation.

What ideas do you have for humiliating and embarrassing tasks that you would like watch #54 do? Let me know in the comments and also share your insults and assessment of her flat chest.

Are your tits as small and ugly as hers? Get exposed on here

And: If your tits are non-existent or otherwise ugly based on these criteria, follow her example, gather all your courage and get exposed on

53 – Having her implants removed completely destroyed her confidence

I have quite a different story than your other flat chested sluts”

Flatty 53 is the perfect victim to humiliate – for many reasons.

She fucked over 100 men when she had silicone tits

Let’s have her tell her story in her own words:

“I was cursed with flat, tuberous breasts and was made fun of for them growing up. I was always too ashamed to show my ugly tits to anyone, so I stuffed my bras and generally avoided sex unless I could keep my bra on.

I worked through high school and saved up all my money and bought the largest set of implants money could buy when I turned 18. This allowed me to fulfill my fantasy of becoming a huge slut. I got so much attention with my huge fake tits, and I fucked over a hundred men during this time.

Well, the universe must have intended for me to be cursed with an ugly flat chest, because my body eventually rejected the implants and I had to have them surgically removed. The surgery left my tits even more hideous than before, and this is what I am left with.

I honestly do not even know my current bra size, because I wear bras that are too big and stuff them to avoid public embarrassment.”

If you really want to avoid public embarrassment, maybe you shouldn’t have begged to be publicly exposed. Now, everybody will now about your terrible, terrible “tits”.

Completely flat and hideous tits with scars and nothing else

She can’t even fill a tiny bra with her ugly, tiny, non-existend, scarred “tits”

Psychology tells us that losing something is even harder than not gaining something. Had she never experienced how men treat her when she had tits, she wouldn’t know what she is missing.

But now she knows. With big boobs, she could fuck hundreds of men. The way she looks now, she’s already grateful if men don’t vomit when seeing her naked.

Her’s is really a wonderful story.

 I am now 30 years old. The guys I have had sex with seem disgusted if I take off my bra, or ask me to leave it on during sex. I can no longer tit fuck a man’s cock, and had to get really good at sucking cock in order to keep a guy’s interest in me (or offer up my ass hole, which is tighter than my now used up pussy).

Flatty 53

It’s hard (pun intended) to imagine how anyone can keep their cock hard when looking at this ugly, destroyed chest that looks more like a battlefield than a woman’s body.

There are so many reasons why her flat chest is unattractive

One doesn’t even know where to start when describing her ugly “tits”. Let’s judge her “tits” based on the official tit rating criteria.

SizeShe simply doesn’t have any tits whatsoever. If there were such as thing as negative tit size, she’d probably have negative tits. Most telling in this regard is the picture where you can see her chest from the side. There is not even the tiniest hump. She has absolutely nothing at all to offer.

Firmness/shape: This criterion doesn’t even apply, because her tits don’t exist. They don’t even have an ugly shape, they have no shape at all – “tits” really can’t be more ridiculous than hers.

Areola: Her areola are clearly too big for her “tits”. To make matters worse, they seem to have a weird texture with tiny humps in them. So they’re not only ugly, but also feel weird and unattractive.

Nipples: At least they seem to be capable of getting hard. But: one of her nipples is completely misplaced. It’s not in the middle of her areola, but 2/3 down the way.

Symmetry: Like firmness/shape, this doesn’t really apply. Her “tits” are so non-existent that there is absolutely nothing that could even be symmetrical or unsymmetrical. Unless we’re talking about her areola and nipples – and as we’ve already etablished, they’re not symmetrical at all, since one of them isn’t even in the middle.

But the worst thing is probably that one cannot even ignore her non-existent “tits”. The huge scars from her failed tit enhancement surgery are quite eye catching (and bigger than her tits themselves). It’s like her “tits” have a large, bright, blinking neon sign attached to them that says “please look at us, we don’t exist.

“Maybe he would let me suck his cock if I wore a really padded bra”

No amount of stuffing is going to make her look attractive in this bra

Fortunately, the men in her life are telling her how ugly she is. Somehow, she was able to convince a guy to fuck her – but, as you can imagine, he never fucks her with her tits out. And he most certainly doesn’t want to face the embarrassment from telling his friends that he’s having sex with such an ugly woman. They’d start laughing at him and end their friendship immediately.

I have been wanting to have a threescore with this guy I’ve been fucking and his hot friend. But this guy told me his friend is only into girls with huge tits, and he said maybe he would let me suck his cock if I wore a really padded bra. I was so humiliated when he said this to me but secretly turned on at the same time.

Flatty 53

Let her know how ugly she is and what you think of her pathetic chest. Needless to say, she was too embarrassed after sending the pictures to send additional pictures of her younger self with real tits. Who wouldn’t nearly die from shame after having such pictures exposed to the world?

Please humiliate me and my tiny tits. I am too embarrassed to tell anyone about my fetish. 

What do you want to know about Small Tits Humiliation?

I’ve updated the FAQ about small tits humiliation, including questions about:

  • Tits and tit sizes
  • How to get exposed
  • The small tits humiliation fetish

Let me know if there are additional questions you would like me to add, or if you have any general ideas about what sections to add to the website.

The five criteria of judging tits – what are your thoughts?

At the very beginning of this blog many years ago on tumblr, I just had one criterion to judge tits: their size.

Over time, this changed and I added two more: sagginess and nipples (which included areola.)

But now, after having conducted some scientific research on the importance of boob sizes and created a survey on breast size satisfaction, I have formalized the learnings from many years of humiliating flatties into five detailed criteria.

For this purpose, I have created a comprehensive guide with pictures from many of the flatties already exposed on here.

You can use it to judge your own tits – or those of your girlfriend, wife, or the beautiful woman with big boobs that stole away your boyfriend.

Share your thoughts and feedback: how do you judge boobs?

I would be happy to hear your feedback.

Let me know what you think about the guide, the flatties exposed in there or the criteria. Do you have any other criteria that you use, or do these five criteria capture everything?

If, after reading about the criteria and looking down to your chest, you begin thinking that your tits might be ugly and you want to find out if they actually are: now is the time to find out and get exposed online.

How satisfied are you with your tits?

Yesterday I mentioned that every second woman considers her tits to be too small.

Many scientific studies and surveys on the satisfaction with breast sizes already exist.

However, because I wanted to look deeper into this topic, I have created an additional survey that is particularly focused on your favorite topic: small tits humiliation.

Whether you are male or female, have large tits or small ones, please take part in my tit sizes satisfaction survey.

Tit sizes matter – what science can tell us about small tits humiliation

The nipples on her tiny tits are hard from embarrassment after writing on them
Many “women” such as this one (flatty 52) are terribly ashamed of their small tits – and scientific studies show that they are right to do so: bigger tits are better

As any reader of this website will long have noticed: many women are ashamed of their small tits. So much that they enjoy exposing their small tits online to get off on the humiliation.

As I have written here, there is a clear difference between beautiful tits and ugly tits.

Flatty 52 from the picture above is a clear example of ugly (or even non-existent) tits: her tits are so small that she almost looks like a boy.

Surveys on tit sizes: Almost 50 percent of women wish they had larger tits

I have decided to not just expose individual flatties on here, but also to conduct some research into the biology and psychology of tit sizes. An example of an earlier post on this is this documentary about how three women deal with having tiny tits.

Research on this is really quite illuminating. In particular, there are three findings that are encouraging for lovers of small tits humiliation:

1. For various reasons, bigger tits are (perceived to be as) more attractive and desirable than small tits. In many ways, this is a standard that holds true across cultures and time

2. Most people, and especially flat-chested women, realize this. For example, one large, world-wide survey shows that 50 percent of women wish they had bigger tits, and more than 70% are generally dissatisfied with their tits

3. There are countless interesting findings that are correlated with having small tits, such as lower self-confidence and higher ratings in neuroticism that make flatties more susceptible to getting humiliated and ridiculed

What would you like to know about the biology and psychology of tit sizes?

As I mentioned, I am planning to conduct additional research into tit sizes and answer questions about the evolutionary benefits of larger tits, the cultural importance of having bigger boobs and the negative effects that having small tits can have on womens’ self-confidence.

I might even write a small ebook on this topic where I will also portray a handful of flatties in much more detail than in the posts on here.

Let me know if you are such a flatty and would like to be portrayed in the book.

Let me know if you want to be portrayed in the book

But: only if you are willing to 100% commit to send me a number of pictures, answer detailed questions and write detailed answers about your experience and your reflection on some of the findings that I will share with you.

Also let me know if there are some specific questions related to boob sizes that you would like me to address, or if you know of some particularly interesting studies or articles that might be relevant.

#52 85% of people think that this chest belongs to a boy, but it’s actually a girl with really small and ugly tits (part 2)

Even without the hands, one needs to use a microscope to recognize that these are supposed to be tits

In this post, I asked you to vote on whether you think this completely unimpressive, nondescript chest belongs to a boy or a girl.

Many of you have taken part in the poll – and the results could hardly be more clear.

Almost 85% of you think that flatty 52 is so completely flat that she looks like a boy.

It’s hard to imagine a judgment more destructive to a girl’s self-confidence than the judgment of men and real women with tits who consider her chest to be completely flat, boyish and absolutely unattractive.

The vast majority clearly thinks that this is a boy’s chest – what a complete embarrassment for this flat-chested “girl”

The only thing more pathetic than the fact that people cannot tell her gender from her upper body is how much she gets turned on by being exposed, ridiculed and humiliated online.

She doesn’t have any tits, nobody wants to fuck her and she masturbates to the thought of people thinking she looks like a boy.

I really hope that she cries from shame and embarrassment after she is completely exposed on here.

I decided to touch myself gently while thinking about strangers on the Internet debating what my genitals look like, which I had never imagined before, but here we are! The humiliation is really strong so I have had to make myself stop masturbating…

Flatty 52

Who is this poor, ugly, unattractive virgin?

How old are you?

“I am 20 years old.”

How many people did you have sex with (approximately)?

I have never had sex (I think I am definitely ashamed of how I look…)”

When was the first time you realized that your tits are smaller than they should be?

“The first time I really noticed how small my tits were was when I was trying on a dress and the shop assistant was trying not to laugh at how pathetically the dress hung over my chest, not being filled out at all. I think I was 16 then? It haunts me!

What is the most embarrassing/humiliating experience you ever had with your tiny “tits”?

“My most embarrassing moment would probably be in high school, a friend noticing I didn’t have a bra on and then her grabbing my chest to try to make my nipples hard. They stuck out and she started making comments that now I at least had something going on under my shirt.

I am definitely ashamed of how I look.

Flatty 52

No wonder that this 20 year old is still a virgin with her non-existent tits

When she lies down, her “tits” completely disappear – she still looks like a boy, even when she is not covering her pathetic chest

When flatty 52 begged to be exposed to finally find out if her tits are really as hideous as she thought (hint: they are even worse), I ordered her to send me a picture in a slutty outfit.

Turns out: she doesn’t own a slutty outfit. She never even had sex. Like this complete flatty and this flatty that likes to lick toilets clean, she is still a virgin.

No wonder she doesn’t wear slutty outfits. The more skin she shows, the uglier she gets. She should do everything in her power to ensure nobody ever has to look at her ugly chest. And yet she is on here, completely exposed for everyone to see.

I feel that my tits are not tiny, but they are ugly and when I lie down they vanish! 

Flatty 52

After she sent me some other pictures, she admitted that she thinks her tits are at their ugliest when she lies down. Needless to say that this is what she had to do for the next picture that you can see in this post.

And she is right: they completely vanish. There are absolutely no shadows to be found. It’s ridiculous to watch her pathetic nipples get hard in a desperate attempt to attract attention. But her chest is a complete joke. The only reaction she will ever get to her nonexistent boobs are laughter and pity.

Share your thoughts about this desperate, horny, flat-chested cunt in the comments

I wonder what kind of people go on your website? It cannot just be flat girls like me. I wonder what they think about us, being desperate and submitting pictures to be ridiculed.

Flatty 52

Let her know how ugly and unattractive she is and help ruin her self-confidence forever. Also, feel free to subscribe to never miss any updates and be among the first to find out when I expose her virgin pussy.

51 This fat, flat-chested pig was completely embarrassed when her busty roommate compared their tit sizes

This fat woman has tiny, uneven tits with gigantic areola and invisible nipples
Her tits are uneven, saggy, too small with too large areola and nonexistent nipples – it’s hard to have uglier tits even when trying to

What is your bra size?

I am a 44B (Which sucks cause usually when you get fatter, the boobs grow too)“.

When was the first time you realized that your tits are smaller than they should be?

“Big tits runs in my family so it was expected when puberty hit I would develop at least D tits….I grew but my chest never did.”

What is the most embarrassing/humiliating experience you ever had with your tiny “tits”?

“I was cleaning the house and found a bra and asked everyone if it was mine, and my roommate (42F) burst out laughing. She held up the bra to my chest and asked “oh honey, really? You think it’s yours?” I was so humiliated and felt so dumb.”

This poor flatty is so flat that her “tits” don’t even grow when she gains weight. Which is quite a shame because even for an anorexic woman, her “tits” would be terribly small.

Not only that, but the right tit on the picture looks almost twice as big as her left one. Her areola are gigantic, and she seems to be completely without any nipples.

Where real women have two large, firm, symmetric tits, she has two saggy, almost empty balloons with different amounts of air in them. It’s a really ugly and disgusting sight.

She should be grateful that her roommate only made fun about their different bra sizes. Most likely she has never seen her ugly “tits”: otherwise, she would have completely bullied and humiliated her and turned her into a worthless household slave. Which would have been exactly what she deserves.

Help me destroy this ugly pig’s self-confidence and share your insults and assessment of her ugliness in the comments. Also let me know if you find any mistakes in her writing assignment.

If you are also flat and want your self-confidence ruined, take part in the self-confidence-destruction challenge.