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51 This fat, flat-chested pig was completely embarrassed when her busty roommate compared their tit sizes

This fat woman has tiny, uneven tits with gigantic areola and invisible nipples
Her tits are uneven, saggy, too small with too large areola and nonexistent nipples – it’s hard to have uglier tits even when trying to

What is your bra size?

I am a 44B (Which sucks cause usually when you get fatter, the boobs grow too)“.

When was the first time you realized that your tits are smaller than they should be?

“Big tits runs in my family so it was expected when puberty hit I would develop at least D tits….I grew but my chest never did.”

What is the most embarrassing/humiliating experience you ever had with your tiny “tits”?

“I was cleaning the house and found a bra and asked everyone if it was mine, and my roommate (42F) burst out laughing. She held up the bra to my chest and asked “oh honey, really? You think it’s yours?” I was so humiliated and felt so dumb.”

This poor flatty is so flat that her “tits” don’t even grow when she gains weight. Which is quite a shame because even for an anorexic woman, her “tits” would be terribly small.

Not only that, but the right tit on the picture looks almost twice as big as her left one. Her areola are gigantic, and she seems to be completely without any nipples.

Where real women have two large, firm, symmetric tits, she has two saggy, almost empty balloons with different amounts of air in them. It’s a really ugly and disgusting sight.

She should be grateful that her roommate only made fun about their different bra sizes. Most likely she has never seen her ugly “tits”: otherwise, she would have completely bullied and humiliated her and turned her into a worthless household slave. Which would have been exactly what she deserves.

Help me destroy this ugly pig’s self-confidence and share your insults and assessment of her ugliness in the comments. Also let me know if you find any mistakes in her writing assignment.

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