12 Pale, useless chest

Pale, useless chest

If she had tits, she could almost be good looking. Unfortunately, one really has to look at least three or four times to realize that there is indeed a topless girl on the photo, desperately seeking sexual attention. It must be even worse for her when she is dressed: nobody notices her or looks at her in any kind of sexual way.

A thorough spanking of her “tits” would probably help draw more attention to them when she is topless. With her pale skin, the red marks would be clearly visible. BAnd because nobody has ever touched her useless mosquito bites, her “tits” must be extremely sensitive, making it even more fun to hurt her.

One thought on “12 Pale, useless chest

  1. Anonymous

    To be honest, maybe some guys would love her anyway. But it’s undeniable that some actually nice guys just won’t ever love her because of her tits. It’s not really their fault, they don’t even want to be so superficial… but something in their nature whisper to their ears: “stay away from this flat woman”. Her chances in life, in finding that wonderful partner are diminished forever because of her lack of breats, and that’s a fact.


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