47 California Flatty in its underwear (part 2)

Flat chested girl humiliates itself with see through bra and embarrassing writing on her chest

47 flat-chested 19 year old California “girl”

Girl with small tits gets publicly humiliated and degraded

41 Too ashamed to even show her “tits”

This titless, flat “girl” keeps being in denial and claims that she isn’t “flat” and that her tits actually “got bigger” in the past few months. Still: at last, she was finally able to look truth in the eye for a few seconds and write down what she deep down must know to be trueContinue reading “41 Too ashamed to even show her “tits””

40 “One girl pointed out that I was flat”

When was the first time you realized that your “tits” are smaller than they should be? “When everyone needed a bra because their boobs were big, but when I wore it I knew I didnt need it… even the smallest one was loose in the cups.” What is the most embarrassing/humiliating experience you ever hadContinue reading “40 “One girl pointed out that I was flat””

38 Flat, hairy, disgusting gangbang whore

What is your bra size?“UK 34A cup”How old are you and where are you from?“35 Scotland”Do you wear push up bras or try to make your tits look bigger than they are?“No I do not wear push ups”When did you first realize that your tits are smaller than they should be?“First realised they were tinyContinue reading “38 Flat, hairy, disgusting gangbang whore”

31 Too ashamed to show her face

She is so ashamed of her flat chest that she has to hide her face when she is naked – she couldn’t stand seeing her own chest, and hasn’t looked at her naked body since high school, when she realized that she would always be flat and never a real woman. But the truth isContinue reading “31 Too ashamed to show her face”

Three ways of dealing with having small tits

Sooner or later in the life of every flat-chested “woman”, there comes the point where she realizes that she has tiny tits. Too tiny tits in fact – tits that are so embarrassingly small that they should not really be called tits; “tits” so small that she should be ashamed of them; “tits” so smallContinue reading “Three ways of dealing with having small tits”

12 Pale, useless chest

If she had tits, she could almost be good looking. Unfortunately, one really has to look at least three or four times to realize that there is indeed a topless girl on the photo, desperately seeking sexual attention. It must be even worse for her when she is dressed: nobody notices her or looks atContinue reading “12 Pale, useless chest”

11 Notice the flattie on the carpet?

If a real woman is sitting topless on a carpet, nobody notices the carpet and everyone just stares at her tits and admires her beauty. But with a flattie like her, the first, second and third glance go towards the carpet. Doesn’t it have interesting colors and a wonderfully artistic pattern? It takes a whileContinue reading “11 Notice the flattie on the carpet?”

8 „do I have nice breasts?“

Are you kidding me? What would be nice about your “breasts”? You hardly have any “breasts”. They are too small to deserve the name. Your areola and nipples are almost bigger than your “tits”. You should be ashamed of yourself and stop pretending that you are a real woman. You’re not.