19 useless, saggy humps


Of course you are useless, you have nothing to offer a man and there is nothing to play with on your chest.. Your “tits” are ridiculously small, you should be ashamed of them and of being so inadequate. They would not even fill your hands – in fact, one of your hands would probably be enough to completely cover both your “tits”. You are truly an inferior and worthless flattie who should be grateful that people look at her “tits” at all, even if the only reason is to humiliate you.

3 thoughts on “19 useless, saggy humps

  1. Richard

    Oh wow. Look at those pathetic little things. Made me laugh so much hahaha. Such a poor girl. Not only did she not hit puberty, but the very little tits she did grow, aren’t even perky and are so far apart. They are obviously disappointed with each other as much as every man who’s ever seen them has been. Lol. Pitiful…. Just pitiful

  2. Jenna

    That poor boy got bitten by mosquitoes on his chest. Oh wait thats a girl? No wonder she didnt show her face

  3. Anonymous

    Wait… are you married? How?!? Why!?! What’s the point?!? Is your throat faceable like a cunt with no gag reflex at all, or something? What is your redeeming feature? What makes you worth any erotic attention at all? God! What a disaster.

    At least if you’re a throatpie pig a male could empty his balls deep into you without having to look at your ironing board of a ribcage too much. Poor titless nothing. Seriously what are you even worth to a man? You know your lack of tit is nature’s accusation and a judgment of your worth, not some neutral accident, right?

    Ass and throat. That way there’s less of a chance of accidentally looking at that instant turn-off flopping around where a woman’s breasts should be. You have to do something extra to earn some dick.

    I think a fucked a girl as flat as you once, but not as floppy. It was at a party, and I was drunk though, and she came in and lay on top of me, so I fucked her to get her to quite bugging me, and then pushed her off and went back to the party. Girls like you are pathetic. She didn’t deserve my dick. Neither would you. How the fuck you got a man is a complete mystery. You certainly don’t deserve one, based on that chest.


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