30 Exposing her flatness

One almost needs a magnifying glass to notice that she has her tits exposed. But it doesn’t take a genius to imagine that her teenage years were a nightmare: all her friends grew tits and made out with boys, while she was ignored completely.

But the most embarrassing situations for her took place when she was at home. When God distributed tits, he somehow overlooked her, but he seemingly tried to compensate for his oversight by giving her mother and her little sister more than their fair share.

While she did her best to never be seen naked by her family and wear lose clothes, she couldn’t escape the humiliation when it was time for doing laundry. Despite being a few years younger than her, her sister started wearing bras a year before she got her first one; and even afterwards, her sisters bras were always at least two cup sizes larger than hers. 

Whether for that reason or for some other, her parents always treated her younger sister better than her – and her large-breasted sibling behaved quite arrogantly towards her and used every opportunity to humiliate her in front of her friends. 

Once, her evil sister “accidentally” didn’t notice that she was chilling with her crush in her room, when she “kindly” came in to drop off her freshly washed underwear with all the tiny bras – while wearing a bikini. Needless to say, nothing happened after that, although the rumor spread in her school that the big-breasted sister and her crush had a one night stand a few weeks later

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