31 Too ashamed to show her face

She is so ashamed of her flat chest that she has to hide her face when she is naked – she couldn’t stand seeing her own chest, and hasn’t looked at her naked body since high school, when she realized that she would always be flat and never a real woman.

But the truth is inescapable, and even if she doesn’t want to see it, it’s obvious to everyone else. Not even the strongest push-up bra can help her. She doesn’t have any tits. She is at the end of the bottom of the food chain, a totally useless and worthless piece of meat, to be used by whoever desires to use her. Being raped by a homeless person would be the biggest compliment she ever received in her life – but sadly for her, even that hasn’t happened yet, despite her regular prayers.

One thought on “31 Too ashamed to show her face

  1. Insecurity_Nurturer

    The only way these ugly pancakes could give me pleasure, is if I used them to put my hands on while I forced myself in to you. It would cover the pointlessness of them, and hold you down so you couldn’t get away from the humiliation I’d so deservedly give you


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