36 She shouldn’t be smiling

Her chest could hardly be any flatter: many men have bigger “tits” than she does. The fact that she is still smiling shows that she has come to a point where she has accepted that she is inferior to real women, that it makes no sense for her to compete with them in any way. For flat “women”, there is only one way forward: complete subordination by not only waiting to be humiliated, but by humiliating themselves by showing off their inadequacy and lack of womanhood and inviting others to punish them for it.  

2 thoughts on “36 She shouldn’t be smiling

  1. David

    What’s great about nonexistent tits like this is that there is literally no bra or shirt she can wear that doesn’t expose her nipples to anyone looking down at her. She can’t fill anything out because her chest is so inadequate, so in a sense she’s always topless. How embarrassing.


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