71 – This 18 year-old flatty is begging to be further humiliated (part 2)

With non-existent tits like these, there is no need to shave: nobody wants to use her pussy

In the last post, you could already read about how this 18 year-old even gets humiliated by her own family for her lack of tits.

Needless to say: the humiliation got her wet and horny and she just couldn’t resist but had to masturbate when reading about it.

I really felt ashamed when reading the post and comments and I did masturbated. I pulled my panties down and whipped my ass badly with a belt as a punishment for being flat chested.

– Flatty 71

Now, it’s time to continue her exposure and show the world her non-existent tits and her ugly, unused pussy.

“I’ve been feeling more and more humiliated and I’m ready for more humiliation”

In the last post, many commenters already mentioned the fact that they do not really expect there to be any tits under her sports bra.

As you can see from her nudes, this expectations proved to be accurate.

Her tits are so flat that they are completely non-existent. They have no shape, they have no curves and they cast no shadow. They are a big nothing.

Her nipples do not really help, either. They do not look as if they are able to get hard and just look like a darker part of her flat skin at the place where real women have tits.

Just like her tits, her pussy is completely invisible, covered by hair and shadows. No wonder that she is still a virgin and will quite possibly remain one forever.

Do you want to get exposed and humiliated just like flatty 71? Find out what you need to do to get exposed here.

She is begging for further humiliation

Flatty 71 appears to be quite motivated to get exposed and be willing to complete humiliation tasks. Unfortunately, her photography skills are comparable to her tits: they are non-existent.

Let’s find out if she can take some new pictures of herself licking a toilet. If she is successful, you will find out here and I will post many additional, humiliating pictures.

In the meantime: be mean and let her know what you think of her useless flat chest in the comments.

13 thoughts on “71 – This 18 year-old flatty is begging to be further humiliated (part 2)

  1. 123456789

    Wow. That’s the flattest chest I have ever seen on a person without a penis.

    Although I would not be surprised to see a tiny dicklet between the legs of 71 once the ugly bush was trimmed.

    I’m still convinced we see a rare phenomenon of a failed femboy. All the femboy criteria are fulfilled, but the penis is missing.

    The nox-existing tits also come with really weird and unattractive nipples, too.

    Tasks for 71:

    1. Shave the ugly bush between your legs completely.

    2. Get rid of all your pathetic tiny-cuped bras. Definitely no need for them at all.

    3. As you have neither tits nor dick you have no right to have “normal” sex. Lock your pussy in a chastity belt and stay a virgin forever.

    4. Find a dominant couple. Give them the key to your chastity belt and be their slave. Suck his cock, lick her pussy, admire her tits and do everything you can to serve them in any way they ask you to.

  2. Dave

    I would not be surprised if it was shaved it would have a tiny dick. It should be shaved as it looks at best as a little girl. Also you do not deserve any sexual pleasure. Shave and then use a small strap on that little girls cunt. At best you can be used for the oral pleasure of others and nothing more

  3. Reviewer A

    HellenNew23/Flatty 71,

    In the last post I struggled to comprehend what was hiding under the sports bra and now i see why…there is simply nothing there. Most 10 year olds have developed more breast tissue than you have.

    Even more amazing, your nipples have no definition whatsoever. If you see other small tits on this site, they are often no-tit-all-nipple. You don’t even have that. Rather than have clearly defined nipples, your areola seem to just slowly fade away. It looks as if they are actively trying to blur themselves to save us from having to see them, for which we are grateful.

    Furthermore, you unkempt bush shows how little you are trying. I realize you have justifiably given up, but even if you somehow managed to find a guy drunk enough to want to fuck you, one look at that hairy mess would sober him up quick and make him run like hell. You haven’t developed the tits, hips, or ass of a woman. You haven’t earned the right to that bush. Shave it off and just go all in on the little girl look. You will be better off for it.

    ReviewerAReviews @ gmail

  4. Mick

    I,m still convinced flatty71 is tucking a divk between her legs. Her “tits” are non existent, this is the flattest chest I have ever seen. Flaty71 has no features that would distinguish her as female, I use the term her loosely.
    Flaty71 needs to be fucked in the ass as there is zero evidence of her having a pussy. Her need for humiliation and to be degraded must be deep. Her unkempt bush and flat chest should haunt her when she looks in the mirror, but instead she grabs her little clit dick and strokes it as she fingers fucks her ass knowing we are all looking at her.
    More photographic evidence is required or else we can only assume flatty71 is a tgirl.

    How does the humiliation feel flatty71, does it get you excited, I hope it does because the only sex your getting is being fucked in the ass.

    Stop fooling yourself go and get some mens boxers, throw away the bra, and improve your blowjob and taking it in the ass skills, don’t insult real women but pretending to be one.

  5. Ed

    Oh my God this one REALLY does look like a boy. If it were up to me I would cut your hair off and make you wear only men clothes.

  6. Mia

    You’re so flat , it’s making me appreciate my big round beautiful tits even more when I see this. It’s so funny , you should wear men’s boxers all the time. Also you should masturbate by humping the ground like a man/ desperate dog while watching big tits porn , I want you to film it and be moaning like a guy or pant like a horny dog with your tongue out at the same time. Give us real women with big tits some entertainment

    1. 57

      This site is filled with subpar females. We’re only females by genetics, but not by looks. I wish I could have nice round plump breasts and a flat tummy. But, I even have my own tag topic “fat cow” and that’s what I am.

      1. Mia

        Hahaha that’s so pathetic. I have a flat tummy and big round tits;) Do you have Snapchat so I can humiliate you? I want to show you my sexy tits and make you worship them. I want you to humiliate yourself for my entertainment hahha!

  7. Duck

    #71, you should detail your experience with *almost* losing your virginity. How did you feel before? Excited? Nervous? How did you feel when he told you to turn around, he’d only fuck your ass? Emotionally? Physically? How about afterwards? Did he tell his friends? Were you sore? Speaking of sore ass, post photos after you belt yourself.


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