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#49 This 22 year old slut doesn’t have any tits and looks like a man

With her non-existent tits, she looks like a man, rather than a woman, in this supposedly sexy dress
The flatty in her sluttiest outfit – quite a ridiculous sight

At first, this 22 year old flatty seemed to have accepted its place. After following this blog for a while, she began to realize that her tits are not better than those of the other 48 flatties on here.

So, she finally found the courage and begged to be exposed and humiliated.

“I have a very ugly flat chest and feel like it’s time I take the step that is necessary and get the humiliation I deserve for failing as a woman. I want them humiliated daily if possible. I want the little bit of confidence I do have left about my breasts to be absolutely destroyed.”


I ordered her to send me three pictures: in her sluttiest outfit, in underwear, and completely naked. You can see the first one on here. It’s quite painful to look at. While one might get aroused when seeing an attractive woman in a short dress with a lot of cleavage, it’s impossible to look at this picture without feeling utterly embarrassed for her.

Where women have tits, she is just completely flat. If she hadn’t sent the other pictures, I wouldn’t have known if she is a woman or a man.

Yet after sending the pictures, she has failed to complete her additional tasks designed to destroy her self-confidence, even though she had begged for them. Sometimes the funniest part about exposing flatties is how completely ashamed and embarrassed they get after first showing their flat chest.

Many of them hide, cry and think that, if they just stop replying or completing tasks, their problems just disappear and they suddenly grow tits.

Most of them, however, sooner or later come back. They resurface and admit how terribly ashamed they felt after being exposed, but that they they are now ready for some real humiliation.

Let’s see how number 49 turns out.

In the meantime, she’ll get exposed to the world as the terribly inadequate flatty that she is. Let her know in the comments how ugly the sight of her in a dress is. And come back to www.smalltitshumiliation.com within the next days to see her completely naked.