Looking for flatties who want their self-confidence ruined

I’m looking for flatties who feel bad about their tiny or non-existent tits and who are willing to commit 10-20 minutes a day for about a month to complete a program with tasks (such as negative affirmations) designed to make them feel ashamed of their “tits”, and who are willing to report about the effect of the training on them. IfContinue reading “Looking for flatties who want their self-confidence ruined”

47 Non-existent tits with hard nipples (part 4)

See previous posts on this ugly flat-chested 19 year old girl here: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Finally she is naked; not much longer and you’ll get to see how she performs humiliating, degrading tasks. One could almost pity her, if she weren’t so ugly. It’s painful for other people to have to lookContinue reading “47 Non-existent tits with hard nipples (part 4)”

47 California Flatty in its underwear (part 2)

Flat chested girl humiliates itself with see through bra and embarrassing writing on her chest

47 flat-chested 19 year old California “girl”

Girl with small tits gets publicly humiliated and degraded

44 “My college bully really enjoyed using my B cups to make her DDs stand out”

Take part in the vote on the appropriate punishment for this ugly flatty. Since many months, this flatty with its ugly, saggy tits with its ugly, too large areola, has been reading posts on here about worthless flatties: “Been lurking on your website for a while now 😉 I’m really struggling to reconcile with howContinue reading “44 “My college bully really enjoyed using my B cups to make her DDs stand out””

Share your thoughts: Girl at work

There’s this girl at work. She’s 25 years old. She’s skinny and is completely flat-chested. She’s got a cute face and all the guys like her but again, she’s flat-chested. I’ve even seen her bare boobs (which I refer to as “mosquito bites”) before and they are embarrassing, lol. I have a small penis (onlyContinue reading “Share your thoughts: Girl at work”