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42 Finally she dares to show her “tits”

Flat Natasha finally dares to show her “tits”

At first, she was too ashamed and embarrassed to show her tiny tits. Eventually, however, gave in to the pressure and agreed to have her inadequacy exposed to the world.

Her “tits” already appeared quite small when she was dressed, but somehow, she managed to pretend to herself that “they look MUCH bigger naked”. Admitting to herself that she has tiny tits must have been too psychologically traumatizing for her – lying to herself was the easier way out.

However, no flatty can lie to herself forever, and this flat slut finally seems to have accepted the truth. The only thing one can see on this picture, apart from the terrible handwriting, are two hard nipples. Apparently she is not only flat, but also a twisted slut that get horny from being exposed, humiliated and degraded. Good for her – because with these tiny humps, nobody will ever treat her with respect. She surely doesn’t deserve it.