43 Flatty almost dying from embarrassment after the first message

This flat wannabe slut is really one of the most useless flatties with the most useless “tits” one can imagine. The only good thing is that she realizes how useless her “tits” are and that she is inferior to real women. After telling her story and showing her non-existent “tits” (that even have non-existent nipples,Continue reading “43 Flatty almost dying from embarrassment after the first message”

42 Finally she dares to show her “tits”

At first, she was too ashamed and embarrassed to show her tiny tits. Eventually, however, gave in to the pressure and agreed to have her inadequacy exposed to the world. Her “tits” already appeared quite small when she was dressed, but somehow, she managed to pretend to herself that “they look MUCH bigger naked”. AdmittingContinue reading “42 Finally she dares to show her “tits””

Share your thoughts: Girl at work

There’s this girl at work. She’s 25 years old. She’s skinny and is completely flat-chested. She’s got a cute face and all the guys like her but again, she’s flat-chested. I’ve even seen her bare boobs (which I refer to as “mosquito bites”) before and they are embarrassing, lol. I have a small penis (onlyContinue reading “Share your thoughts: Girl at work”