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Are your a hottie or a flattie? Find out and get exposed just like this flat-chested slut

A flatty shares its reflection about and learnings from getting its non-existent tits exposed

As you may have noticed as a regular visitor of smalltitshumiliation.com, a lot of flatties are not only flat, but also flaky.

They beg to get exposed and then are so overcome with shame and guilt that they hide in a corner, cry and pretend to themselves that there aren’t actually humiliating pictures of their tiny tits posted on the internet for everyone to see – because they themselves begged for them to get published.

Almost all of them come back, only to feel even more ashamed after their next exposure post that makes them feel even more wet and shameful than the initial one. And that is when the vicious cycle of exposure, shame, horniness, regret and repeated exposure begins.

Often, getting exposed leads flatties to finally accept their place and come to terms with their inferiority

I often order flatties to write a report about how getting exposed made them feel. Sometimes typed, sometimes handwritten.

This flatty was no exception. Fortunately, the exposure not only made her pussy drip, but also destroyed her unfounded confidence. Before her exposure, she was probably filled with arrogance, thinking of herself as a hottie, when in reality, she was and always will be nothing more than a flattie.

If you have less than C cups or are otherwise unhappy with your tits – get exposed

If your tits look anything like those of the other flatties on here, then the time has come for a reality check. Are your tits really too small? Are they too saggy, especially for your age? Do men (and other women) look at your tits with disgust or with arousal?

To find out if you are a hottie or a flattie, beg to have your tits exposed. You’ll find everything you need to do here:

Can you guess which of the past flatties sent in the reflection at the top of this post?

I’ll give you a hint: she is among the last ten flatties. Read through her reflection. And then share your thoughts and insults in the comments.