#40 Watch this 26 year old virgin embarrass herself by licking toilet seats (part 2)

Let’s hope that she enjoys the taste of toilets, since she will never get to taste a cock

A while ago, we already laughed at this flatty’s tiny tits and read about how she got bullied for them by other girls at a school sleepover.

After it made her “very wet to get exposed and humiliated like this”, I ordered her to record a video of herself fucking a toilet brush. Yet, like many others, she turned into a flaky flatty after initially being exposed, didn’t record the video and stopped replying.

Until – also like almost all others who initially start to get flaky – she came back and begged to be humiliated again. As I mentioned here and here, most flatties often get terribly ashamed (as they should!) before they get terribly wet and need a while to be able to deal with the shame.

Even though she is fat, her tits are still small and consist almost exclusively of oversized areola
With small, saggy tits with ugly areola, it’s no wonder that nobody wants to fuck her. Plus, given that she is already 26, her tits will only get more and more saggy and ugly as she ages. Hahaha.

It turns out that she didn’t just not complete her task because she was too ashamed from being exposed on here. Instead, she had an additional, truly embarrassing reason: she is still a virgin at 26 and didn’t want to lose her virginity to a toilet brush. Although that might just be the ultimate humiliation – and exactly what she deserves.

I was too ashamed to admit it that’s why I didn’t reply to your last mail. I couldn’t perform the last task you gave me because I am a virgin. I have never had sex and that’s why I couldn’t put anything up my pussy. I want to save my virginity for later because that’s all I have to offer.

Flatty 40

Since she didn’t want to fuck a toilet brush, she had to lick a toilet seat. It’s funny how this is likely the closest to the taste of cock that she has ever gotten.

When watching the video, notice how she still has “I’m a 26 year old virgin” written on her ugly, deformed “tits”. A complete embarrassment and absolutely ridiculous – which must be why she seems to have been too ashamed to record the second video she was instructed to make.

I also find it particularly funny how her chances from ever having sex get smaller and smaller each year. At 26, she already can’t really offer her youth to a man anymore. Although they are so small, her tits are already getting more and more saggy. Even when comparing them to the pictures from last year, they appear to have gotten more saggy already – and her areola even bigger.

So each year that passes, she’ll get uglier, less attractive to men and more desperate to finally have sex. As her desperation grows, she will keep coming back and beg for harder and harder humiliation.

Let’s see how long it takes before she sends the next video I ordered her to do.

As always, share your thoughts and insults in the comments.

16 thoughts on “#40 Watch this 26 year old virgin embarrass herself by licking toilet seats (part 2)

    1. David

      I mean, look at her. There’s nothing remotely appealing about that body. It’s no wonder she doesn’t want to take her clothes off in front of others.

  1. David

    Embarrassingly small in size, pointed off at weird directions, and 2/3 of each tit is just ugly areola. You have to work hard to develop tits that are this unattractive.

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  4. TittieCritic

    Her titties look like they have to googly eyes hanging off of her boobs. They remind me of two deflated beach balls being draped over a railing. At least she’s staying a virgin and not reproducing.

      1. Trololo

        I would have sex with her, but to be honest I just can’t unsee those tits, I look at her body and I get, horny, but the first moment I put my stare on her breast I only feel ashamed and pity for her, it’s not funny. Having such a nice body with small, uneven tits, she’s so unfortunate!
        Those are mi thoughts about you, #40, I’m sorry, but if your pictures can’t make me cum I don’t think that any part of your body will, so please take your virginity and keep it as intact as you can, maybe you should become a nun or something else

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