45 The most beautiful illustration of the ugliest possible “tits”

“I realized that my tits are smaller than they should be when I was 16 or 17. Men wrote and said that my tits are disgusting and ugly. It was humiliating.” This disgusting piece of trash has some of the ugliest “tits” one can imagine. They are just plain ugly in every conceivable way. FirstContinue reading “45 The most beautiful illustration of the ugliest possible “tits””

44 “My college bully really enjoyed using my B cups to make her DDs stand out”

Take part in the vote on the appropriate punishment for this ugly flatty. Since many months, this flatty with its ugly, saggy tits with its ugly, too large areola, has been reading posts on here about worthless flatties: “Been lurking on your website for a while now 😉 I’m really struggling to reconcile with howContinue reading “44 “My college bully really enjoyed using my B cups to make her DDs stand out””

40 “One girl pointed out that I was flat”

When was the first time you realized that your “tits” are smaller than they should be? “When everyone needed a bra because their boobs were big, but when I wore it I knew I didnt need it… even the smallest one was loose in the cups.” What is the most embarrassing/humiliating experience you ever hadContinue reading “40 “One girl pointed out that I was flat””

35 “my mom would always buy pushup bras for me”

Scroll to the end down for more pictures and to vote on what pictures you want to see next What is your bra size? “B-cups.” How old are you and where are you from? “19/Europe.” Do you wear push up bras or try to make your tits look bigger than they are? “I used toContinue reading “35 “my mom would always buy pushup bras for me””

22 “Watering them to see if they’ll grow”

“Watering them to see if they’ll grow.” This is really one of the most ridiculous and almost cute submissions. Life with her tiny tits must have been so terrible for her (like for all flatties) that she is now willing to do anything, however ridiculous or unlikely to work, for a tiny chance to finallyContinue reading “22 “Watering them to see if they’ll grow””

21 “Ashamed of my ugly tits”

“Ashamed of my ugly tits.” You have every reason to be ashamed of your ugly tits. They are disgusting. Nobody should ever have to look at them involuntarily or feel the inevitable disappointment when you get naked. There is so much wrong with your tits, it’s hard to know where to begin. Your areola areContinue reading “21 “Ashamed of my ugly tits””

13 Ugly “tits” with gigantic areola

“My tits are so tiny, they are only good for getting tortured and beaten.” Good observation. But nobody wants to beat your tits with their bare hand – they are disgusting to even look at. Touching them would be even more disgusting. They are not just tiny and ill-shaped, but your gigantic areola make meContinue reading “13 Ugly “tits” with gigantic areola”

8 „do I have nice breasts?“

Are you kidding me? What would be nice about your “breasts”? You hardly have any “breasts”. They are too small to deserve the name. Your areola and nipples are almost bigger than your “tits”. You should be ashamed of yourself and stop pretending that you are a real woman. You’re not.