46 Stupid, ugly lesbian

This ugly lesbian’s IQ must be the intellectual equivalent to her ugly “tits”. Not only was she too stupid to follow instructions and send appropriate pictures with smalltitshumiliation.com written on her chest, she was also so stupid to send pictures of her face and with private information in the background.

Seems like there is a correlation between brain size and tit size. At least she seems to have learned, after countless rejections and humiliating experiences with men, that they have no use for her and that she can count herself lucky if a woman shows interest in her.

Her tits are a complete embarrassment. Even though they are clearly too small to satisfy anybody (her belly is much bigger than her “tits”, hahaha) , they are still saggy. Her areola are too large. But worst of all: they are completely uneven and asymmetric. On every picture, her “tits” have a completely different shape.

She’s not just stupid and ugly, but also mentally fucked up and too weak to accept the truth: “I was in denial about my tits.” Hopefully she’ll be able to learn from being publicly exposed as a stupid, ugly, flat lesbian.

5 thoughts on “46 Stupid, ugly lesbian

  1. Bill

    I like how her tits are pointed in completely different directions, as if they’re aware of how unappealing they look and are trying to get away from each other.

  2. Peter E.

    One tit “bigger” than the other tit but both are saggy and ugly as hell.
    One pointing to the north the other one to the southwest of something weird.
    One of those nipples is kinda puffy and that only reflects how assymetrical those disgusting breasts are.

  3. jennaq985

    Wow I never realized I was that pathetic. Exposing my chest on here was really hard. I’m sorry to everyone that had to see my mosquito bites. I now understand just how ugly and pathetic they are. I guess that makes sense I’ve always been jealous of large luscious breasts and having the smallest rack of my girl friends turns me on. The most embarrassing experience I had with them was a freshman in college I was at a pool party and me and this one girl were talking. Her breasts were gorgeous and filling out her top showing major cleavage. I could see her glancing at my nubs so I showed them to her. Her response was to giggle and tell me how cute they were. I quickly covered them in shame but also realized I enjoyed being ridiculed for them. She told me I’d be a big girl someday. It was shameful and it turned me on. I have a link of large breasted women comparing them to my little nubs.


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