54 – How would you humiliate this flat-chested blonde? (part 2)

If she had tits she might even be attractive

I recently wrote about how this flat-chested whore is regularly exposed and used by her boyfriend.

He enjoyed having her exposed on here. Let’s hope that she doesn’t enjoy it and instead feels humiliated, ashamed and eternally suffers from being exposed as completely flat and unattractive – which she is.

Blonde with long hair kneeling seductively on a chair in a hotel room
When seeing her from behind, one might be mistaken in thinking that she is a hot and attractive woman, and not a flat-chested, worthless piece of trash

When seeing the pictures in which she is only visible from behind, one might be mistaken in thinking that she is a hot, attractive woman.

It’s funny to imagine how much disappointment she must cause every day when men look at her ass on the streets, decide to check her out, look at her tits and immediately feel disappointed, sad, and maybe even cheated in some kind of way.

There is no kind of bra with no amount of padding that will help her prevent that kind of disappointment, even for men who see her completely dressed.

And it must be much worse for those who had sex with her for the first time. If you have no boobs, it might be best to be completely ugly to not get people’s hopes up before the inevitable disappointment. What do you think?

What humiliating tasks should this flat-chested slave perform on Skype?

As mentioned in the last post, she will have to complete some humiliating tasks on Skype in the near future. What would you like to watch this flatty do? Share your thoughts in the comments.

And if you’re a flatty yourself or would like to receive an objective rating of your “tits”, find out what you need to do here.

10 thoughts on “54 – How would you humiliate this flat-chested blonde? (part 2)

  1. Masterj

    So let’s start with the obvious, she has a decent and if you seen her from behind you might be impressed until she turns around and has no tits to offer. The next thing is the nice ass should get a nice red tent everytime she is caught wearing a bra because there is zero need for one. A couple things I like about the picture is that it looks as if she was made to strip where she was standing being her clothes are right next to her. I also like the picture where you can seen the pink bone gag in her mouth, a slut with no tits should get used to having things in het mouth what else does she have to offer. The hood shows no matter what her face looks like it means nothing she is on here to be humiliated for having no tits. Her clit and tits should have a nice pair of clamps regularly. Hope to see how nasty this slut gets in the future.

  2. seejay

    I love to see her go for a bra fitting, and get a brutally honest sales assistant who does nothing but humiliate her & embarras her the whole time, asking her why she’s bothering with a grown up bra when a little girls training bra should be more than enough etc.

    The bustier the sales assistant too, the better. Really enforce what she’s missing

    1. .

      In fact, she should wear a little girl’s training bra and little girl’s clothes, so no one would mistake her for an adult… Most 8yo girls are bustier than her for sure hahaha

  3. David

    I would love to see her do a really exaggerated strip tease—like, make a big show of taking off her top and pretending to be incredibly sexy and hot. Then, when you finally see her chest, you’re actually left wondering if there’s been some mistake. Like, surely she realizes that she has no tits, right? Why would she act like she does? I just think it’d be hilarious to do a long, titillating strip tease and have the big reveal be: two weird looking brown circles on a flat chest. I’m literally laughing right now at the image of it.

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  5. Vincenza

    I would have her strip naked in a room of big breasted women( i am 38dd yes really) we would encircle her . Of course maul and molest her tiny nipples , ass and Pussy. But end up on all fours with tight clamps on her nipples. Then hang weight on each clamp and watch her squirm.


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