56 – “Her and her partner were poking fun at my small chest”

A flat-chested woman with her nipples clearly visible through her top
Her non-existent tits are desperate for attention

The picture above is the best picture you are going to see of this flatty. The reason is simple: she is dressed. Like most flatties, the less she wears, the uglier she becomes.

On this picture, you might think that she has two ridiculously tiny tits that are otherwise attractive. Spoiler alert: they are not. They are saggy as fuck and completely misshapen.

And yet, even when dressed, her chest is such an embarrassment simply due to the size of her “tits” that other people notice and make fun of her.

“I could see them pointing and laughing at my erect nipples”

Let her tell the story in her own words.

What was the most embarrassing experience related to your tiny tits?

“A few months ago at the salon, I lay back in the recliner chair for my lady to touch up my lashes. I forgot I didn’t have a bra on, and my nipples were poking through my white top. Her and her partner were poking fun at my small tits. I felt embarrassed and violated. My pussy was wet from drooling over their big tits.”

What exactly did they say about your tiny and ugly humps?

“The ladies at my salon were talking their native language. They thought I was asleep, but I could see them pointing and laughing at my erect nipples. It was so embarrassing!

Let her know how ugly she is in the comments

Before exposing her saggy, trashy tits completely, let’s enjoy the embarrassment she has already suffered and further add to it. What would you say to your friends when you’d see an ugly flatty like #56 lying around, sleeping, with her hard nipples desperate for attention?

Share your insults in the comments.

5 thoughts on “56 – “Her and her partner were poking fun at my small chest”

  1. seejay

    She should recreate that pose for us here, only this time she should have no top on & expose those useless chest flaps for everyone to mock like the salon workers did

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  3. janottas

    at least they are beatyfull , not like my ex girl that she was like tits flatted, and they reach almost to the stomac, her pussy was super loose btw


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