40 – Desperate virgin drinking toilet water for attention

You could already see this desperate virgin lick toilet seats and read about how she got bullied because of her tiny tits.

However, due to her hideous looks, nobody wants to fuck her or shows any sexual interest in her. So all she can do is masturbate, keep coming back to her favorite website and beg for more and more humiliation.

She quickly regretted over-promising

Many months ago, after she had already been exposed on here, she begged to be further exposed and humiliated, saying that she would be willing to do almost anything.

I am willing to take any picture or video poses you’d like me to, except inserting anything inside my pussy.

– Flatty 40

I took her by her word and ordered her to send me a video of her drinking toilet water. Yet like most flatties who are particularly stupid when they are horny, she realized that she shouldn’t have made that promise and begged me to give her a different task.

Can you please tell me poses in pictures. Or any other video. I am not into piss play or toilet play.

– Flatty 40

I told her that this is not how it works and that with her ugly looks, the can’t afford to be picky and either has to complete the task or fuck off.

For many months, she debated with herself

Then, she disappeared, and probably promised herself many times that she wouldn’t complete such a humiliating, embarrassing task.

But her craving for humiliation eventually won.

After many months, she recently sent me a video of her taking a tiny, tiny sip of toilet water.

And she was really desperate to get exposed: not only did she suddenly send multiple messages, she also commented on this website because she so desperately wanted the whole world to watch a pathetic, ugly virgin drink toilet water.

I just wish that her high school bullies could see this video and would share it with all her former classmates. I’m sure they’d all have a lot of fun watching her like this.

6 thoughts on “40 – Desperate virgin drinking toilet water for attention

  1. T

    We know shes has ugly tiny tits but I bet her entire body is just as pathetic. A walking talking mistake that embodies the exact opposite of eye candy.

    I had an Australian Shepard named Missy that was so dumb it would lick wet paint and thats still nothing compared to how dumb you’d have to be to think this blob of a person deserves to be called by a woman’s name.

    #40 works just fine.

  2. Ex

    It’s pathetic the way she humiliates for atention. I’d like to have her contact. Sorry for my bad english, but this bitch is really strange

  3. Xsxlr

    Yes, you are not only flat and saggy but also fat. You are here to be degraded and humiliated. You know that’s your worth. Now that you know your place, you should also remember, how you want to be humiliated is not to your discretion.

    The public has judged your worth as a piss/toilet slave and you need to adjust your mindset to learn to become one. You need to now enjoy being one and accept that as your fate instead of proposing something else that no one is interested in you. Become one with toilet, be proud and happy about it, that’s what you are truly worth, #40.


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