58 – “I’m gonna delete these pictures immediately”

Flat-chested woman pressing her tits together in an attempt to make them look bigger
Trying to make her tits look bigger only makes them look more ridiculous

This flatty was so embarrassed by her own pictures that she was incredibly scared that someone might find them on her phone. After sending them – ironically to get exposed online, so everyone can laugh at how ugly and undeveloped her chest is – she immediately deleted them.

“I was completely flat for a long time”

What is your bra size?

“I think in like a 36C? Or a 36B?” 

How old are you and where are you from?

“I’m 18 from Canada.”

When was the first time you realized that your tits are smaller than they should be?

“When I was in middle school I was a later bloomer and I was completely flat for a long time. I was in home economics and a girl who was a lot bustier than me was playing with the stuffing and started stuffing it down my shirt so I could ‘have as much as her’.” 

What is the most embarrassing/humiliating experience you ever had with your tiny “tits”?

My first girlfriend posted a picture of me and a guy she knew sent her a message saying “I didn’t know you liked flat chested girls‘”.

An ugly flatty like her deserves to get bullied

She looks even uglier naked

Even in a bra, her tits look quite saggy – and that although they are quite small. If only she were able to put the fat from her other body parts into her tits. Too bad that she can’t do that.

I have always been turned on by humiliation, maybe because I was bullied a lot.

Flatty 58

It’s no wonder that she was bullied in school. Children can be quite mean, and with a classmate as ugly and underdeveloped as her, she was an easy and deserving target.

Apparently, she developed a psychological defense mechanism against this that is doomed to failure: lying to herself.

Instead of accepting her ugly looks, she’s making up lies and telling herself that her tits aren’t actually that bad.

I used to be flat and more insecure, but now most of the guys I’ve been with have told me that my tits are really big and pretty. I definitely don’t think I’m flat, or even small anymore.

Flatty 58

Tell her how ugly she really is

Let’s remind her of her worst bullying experience and tell her how ugly her tits really are. Otherwise, she will keep living with this lie.

It’s time to destroy the false confidence she built up.

Soon, I will expose her tits completely. And then you will see that their size and sagginess is not their only bad feature.

13 thoughts on “58 – “I’m gonna delete these pictures immediately”

  1. Madam Missy

    Oh you poor thing! Get some stuffing and relive your glory days that your nice peer was helping you have.

    Sidenote: I noticed that there’s another flatty who has my name. So, not to be confused with that thing, I added the madam.

  2. seejay

    Awwww, how pathetic. First picture it looks like she’s trying to push her tits together to make a cleavage, and they’re so small there’s still a sizeable gap between them where they don’t meet. So pathetic. Can’t wait for the further exposure

    1. 58

      When I wear push up bras with lots of padding sometimes I can make lots of cleavage! It’s possible for me to push my mosquitos bites together to looks like tits sometimes

      1. Daddy Ben

        I think it sounds like you’re too dumb to know what cleavage is. Cleavage is when the skin touches. The dimple between your two puffy nipples you’re trying to pass off as tits is not cleavage.

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  4. 57

    At least, she’s not fat and flat and she doesn’t look terrible in clothes/underwear. She’s not part of the cow herd.

  5. daddyknowsbest

    18yo???? More like 5yo with that flat chest!!!

    You’re flatter than many prepubescent girls… You should be ashamed to wear that lingerie, and buy some little girl panties and a training bra instead!

    1. 58

      I know it’s taken me so long but I came back to these comments and got so turned on seeing how small and ugly people think my tita are. I now know that my tits are ugly and saggy and my boyfriend has been lying to me. I remember he asked me to titty fuck him once but my mosquito bites weren’t nearly big enough for his big dick. Some commenters said my boobs look saggy like a 60 years olds, by the time I’m 30 they’ll be so saggy and flat as a pancake probably 🙁 I know.ill never fill out and my tiny tits will be gross and saggy forever. One commenter said I should wear a child’s training bra, and I’ve always thought about trying one on, it deffinetly wouldn’t fit right? It would be so humiliating if I still had the flat chest of a little girl. I’m getting so wet just writing this comment

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