59 – This 30 year old flatty has absolutely no self respect

Despite wearing a low cut top, this flat chested woman still doesn't have any cleavage. Instead, she has no self-respect and begs to be ridiculed and exposed
This flat-chested “woman” has absolutely no self respect and is begging to be humiliated and ridiculed

By the age women turn 30, gravity has usually set in and their tits tits have usually started to get at least a little bit saggy. Not so for this flatty. She is so far behind in her development, that when she turns 30 soon, her tits still won’t even have started to grow.

Real women would look attractive in a cut out top like hers. A real woman’s tits would be visible, held together by a tight fitting bra and men could fantasize about putting their cocks between her tits and feeling her warm flesh press against their cocks.

When she wears an outfit like this, all one can see is: nothing. No tits. No humps. Not even some hard nipples. As a result, she looks absolutely pathetic, out of place in an outfit like this as if she were a little girl and not an adult woman.

She came right after clicking “send” and losing control over her pictures

A flat-chested woman is wearing a low cut out top and it becomes apparent that she has absolutely no tits
This joke is what she sent me when I told her to send me a picture of her in an sexy outfit

It’s no wonder she doesn’t have any self-respect with a cleavage like this. Men don’t want her, never showed her any respect and she learnt that all she is worthy of is laughter and humiliation.

So it was only a matter of time that she, after seeing this website and reading about how other flatties get humiliated and degraded, got so horny that she decided to submit pictures of her flat chest to get exposed on smalltitshumiliation.com – an act she immediately regretted but that also made her cum like the desperate, horny slut she is.

How did you feel immediately after you hit send?

I was really horny when I decided to email you, when I took the pictures, and when I was writing the answers to your questions. I was masturbating with my cursor over the “Send” button and I knew that if I came, I would chicken out and not send it. So I hit “Send” and then I came. Immediately, I couldn’t believe what I had done, but I also knew that it was obviously what I wanted deep down if I was able to “trick” myself into sending it anyway. Losing control over these pictures is something that I am actively regretting but at the same time it makes me really wet. I’m also kind of afraid of the comments and how much other people will make fun of me, but again just thinking about it makes me so wet.”

Let her know how disappointing her flat chest looks like

I do not want to exposed her all at once. I want her to come back, desperately checking and refreshing this website, to see if her other pictures have been posted and see if she can psychologically handle the feeling of shame and helplessness or if she has to hide in a corner and cry because she regrets being exposed online.

Let’s make sure she realizes that she will never look sexy, no matter what outfit she is wearing. Share your insults in the comments.

15 thoughts on “59 – This 30 year old flatty has absolutely no self respect

  1. seejay

    I honestly thought this was some dudes chest with really bad shaving rash. Must be the most disappointing “tits” ever posted on here.

  2. David

    LOL, I’m literally in tears thinking that this represents this woman’s “sexy outfit”. Like, I am trying to imagine her thought process: “This is what I wear when I am trying to attract a man. I will put on this low-cut top that exposes my pimple-ridden chest and accentuâtes the fact that I have no definable breasts of any sort.”

    Then again, what is she supposed to do? If she wears a more conservative top and a stuffed or padded bra, then any potential sexual partner will simply be disappointed/frustrated eventually. I guess I would just call this “truth in advertising.”

  3. 59

    I’m really pathetic. Even though reading and looking at all of this makes me want to crawl under the covers and hide, I couldn’t help myself and I just masturbated to this page.

    1. David

      You can crawl under the covers, but there’s no way you can hide the inferiority of your tits. I legitimately feel badly for you—30 isn’t “old,” but it’s definitely past prime. And you have to wake up every morning, look at your nonexistent tits, and realize this is *the best* you will ever look. It’s truly a shame that so many other women are blessed with what you’ll never have.

    2. Madam Missy

      You shouldn’t be allowed to masturbate. There’s nothing attractive, appealing or sexy about you. Stuff your bra, while wearing a low cut top. Let everyone see how desperate you are.

  4. daddyknowsbest

    30yo? More like 3yo with that bare chest hahaha you don’t fool anyone little girl you should wear training bras and let real women with proper tits dominate you…

  5. T

    Wow, her in that “sexy” outfit looks like a dorky high school girl desperately trying to be more adult only to accidentally accentuate how underdeveloped she is. There’s even acne to boot.

    She looks like someone who could use wedgie or a locker stuffing more than a bra.

  6. Nikki

    You better get used to masturbating. At 30 with tits like those you won’t be seeing much cock. I bet you read each of these comments with your hand in your panties fingering your pathetic cunt while crying and looking at your non existent tits

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