59 – “I got the smallest bra I could find and stuffed it” (part 3)

She might as well have written “ruined skin humiliation” on her chest

I already wrote about why this ugly flatty has no self-respect and how ashamed she felt when even her fully dressed pictures were posted on online.

Now, it’s time to increase her embarrassment even further. It’s time to expose her ill-shaped, pimply, saggy tits and share her most humiliating experiences with the whole world.

All while she is most likely crying in a corner and regretting her decision to send me all those nudes and beg to be exposed online.

“I got the smallest bra I could find and stuffed it”

It looks like it, but this is not a man’s chest

What’s the easiest way to tell that your tits are too small? When even the smallest size is too big for you and you have to stuff it. Unfortunately this is exactly what happened to this poor flattie. Let her tell her embarrassing story in her own words.

What is the most embarrassing/humiliating experience you ever had with your tiny “tits”? 

“When I was in high school, we had to change at our gym lockers and that was how I found out that everyone else had moved on to wearing real bras. I was still wearing trainers from the girls’ section.

After that, I got the smallest real bra I could find and stuffed it until I found a wonderbra that I could stuff.

Looking back, I’m sure people noticed, if not teased me behind my back, because I would have different sized tits from one day to the next depending on what bra I was stuffing.”

You think your tits are more impressive than hers? Submit pictures and find out the truth – if you have the courage.

Even her boyfriend only picked her as his second choice

Any molehill is certainly bigger than this

With her looks and completely ruined self-esteem, it’s no wonder that nobody ever was or will be attracted to her.

It’s really entertaining to read about how her “boyfriend” just used her to get close to real tits.

When was the first time you realized that your tits are smaller than they should be? 

“When I was in college, I had a boyfriend who I later found out went out with me mostly to get closer to my roommate at the time who seriously had the biggest tits I’d ever seen. He didn’t succeed in going out with her, but he basically went out with me to just get physically closer to real tits.”

I know I said I’ll show her trying to titty-fuck a dildo…

… but I’m having too much fun dragging out her exposure. In the next post, you’ll see a picture like the one below, but with a dildo between her molehills. You’ll also see her filthy, disgusting cunt. But consider yourself warned – it’s best if you haven’t eaten anything before, otherwise you’ll risk vomiting.

In the next post you’ll see this picture with a dildo between her “tits” – the only kind of cock anybody would ever put there

4 thoughts on “59 – “I got the smallest bra I could find and stuffed it” (part 3)

  1. Trololo

    I can’t understand her tits. The only way I can describe them is two small clay cylinders pointing out to different places, why the hell her tits disappear when she lays down? Are her tits euclidean or some shit like that? Too much questions but not a single erection…

  2. David

    Oh, wow. I am not exaggerating when I say this might be the ugliest pair of tits I’ve ever seen. In that first photo they’re just so…sad. It’s as if they understand how hideously unattractive they are and are ashamed of themselves. Their skin is nasty and pockmarked, their shape is droopy and depressing, the areolas are weird and crinkly. It’s really rare to come across a pair of tits with absolutely no redeeming value, but that is what we have here. I am trying to imagine anyone getting sexually excited by this small, deflated, pimpled, sorry excuse for a pair of breasts, and it I find myself in tears.

    I feel so badly for 59. She has a truly hideous rack, and I cannot believe she volunteered freely to show it here. I can’t even summon the will to mock her tits, I feel only pity.

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