59 – “I haven’t masturbated yet because I feel so ashamed” (part 2)

Clearly, the sign is right – no self-respecting woman would be to be humiliated and insulted online and submit such ridiculous underwear pictures w

A bit earlier, you could already read about this ridiculous, 30 year old flatty with no tits and no confidence.

As everyone could see who isn’t completely blind: she looks absolutely ridiculous in what she regards as a “sexy” outfit.

Yet still – her behavior is even more pathetic than her looks. After begging to be exposed online, she read the post about herself and the insults in the comments and masturbated to the humiliation, like a completely worthless piece of trash.

When I saw the post, it almost felt like it wasn’t real. I couldn’t believe that those pictures were out there where anyone could see them. Everything that you wrote about me along with the comments, especially the one that I wouldn’t need to do much for a sex change, made me want to cry but also got me ridiculously wet. I haven’t masturbated yet because I still feel so ashamed but I’m sure that when I get past that, I won’t be able to keep my hands out of my pants.

– Flatty 59

Why would anybody buy such ill-fitting bras?

Her skin looks almost as unhealthy and repulsive as her “tits”

There is so much wrong with her body, it’s hard to list it all in one past (which is part of the reason I’m exposing her one post at a time).

Any 13 year old buy with acne has better skin than her.

And to make things worse, she is incapable of buying bras that fit her ill-shaped body.

Let her know how ridiculous she looks in a bra

This bra is so ill-fitting, it’s a mystery why anybody would even sell it to her

Any man can fill out this bra better than her. Let her know how ugly she is in the comments. Next time, I will post pictures of her “tits” and with her trying to titty-fuck a dildo – a really hilarious sight.

10 thoughts on “59 – “I haven’t masturbated yet because I feel so ashamed” (part 2)

  1. Nikki

    She better get passed it. Masturbating will be her main source of pleasure for the rest of her sad pathetic life. Sober men will see her and laugh at the idea of fucking her. She maybe able to get a drunk man. If she’s lucky. I doubt even the tiny dicked losers would want her. I hope she’s not bi. Because no woman wants someone with as pathetic as her. Yes I am masturbating to her pictures. But only because getting to mock her is making me wet. I can get a man. I have triple D’s. She’s got nothing.

  2. Madam Missy

    Poor thing… if you were a hooker, you’d have to pay guys to buy you. Hahahaha

    These females, if you want to call them that are hilarious. I’m glad I’ve been given a woman’s body; 36-24-36 and all natural.

    1. Nikki

      And odds are they would take her money and leave without even fucking her once she removed her useless bra.

  3. David

    You ask why anyone would wear such an ill-fitting bra. I ask, what is a woman with no visible tits supposed to do? Women’s clothing is designed with the understanding that a woman is going to have *some* kind of support on underneath. Women’s clothing manufacturers don’t really design clothing for women without any breasts. So unless she wants everyone who sees her to know that her breasts are non-existent, she needs to wear some kind of bra to maintain the illusion that she has a normal chest. Alas, what we see in the photos here is the result of that. Awakened, misshapen and ill-fitting.

    But it’s not her fault. Her body just never grew any breasts, and the poor thing is doing all she can to make up for that. I can only imagine how her potential sexual partners react when her shirt comes off. Probably a mixture of incredulousness, laughter, pity and horror.

    Anyway, I am looking forward to the next installment here, when we finally see how pathetic this poor woman’s “tits” are. I am laughing about them already.

  4. seejay

    I’d love to take this flatty out shopping for new bras, have her get her “tits” measured by a much younger, much hotter girl with much bigger tits just to see flatty squirm in embarrassment. See how red she goes when I ask the hot shop girl if flatty is cup sizes she most obviously isn’t & see the reaction when her actual size is announce. Then have her apologise for wasting the girls time & ask where the training bras are

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