61 – This 24 year old has every reason to feel insecure about her chest

Without this bra, she is starting to look really ugly

Almost every woman feels insecure about some part of her body.

What sets flatties about from otherwise confident, attractive women is that they are insecure about the most important part of their bodies: their tits.

Sooner or later, they cannot stand it any more and need to receive an objective rating of their tits, based on established, scientific criteria.

“I know you’ll be honest but I’m really sensitive and this is so embarrassing”

So it was only a matter of time until this flatty wanted to find out the truth. After many months of reading about other flatties and probably masturbating to their humiliation and fantasizing about being in their position, this pathetic flatty mustered up the courage and begged to have her tits rated.

But before exposing her naked tits to the hole world and giving her the answers she desperately desires – even at the price of losing her own dignity – let’s find out a bit more about how she sees herself.

She feels so insecure about her tits that she is jealous of other girls

Tell me about yourself.

“Can you please rate my chest? I’m 24 and I feel insecure and jealous of other girls. I know my boobs are a bit wonky and point in weird directions, but I’m hoping they have redeeming features. I don’t like how they droop – for my age, they should be perkier.

What is your bra size?

“I don’t know my bra size I think it’s a b or nearly c.”

What is your most embarrassing memory related to your small tits?

“My most embarrassing memory is a boy telling me one was bigger than the other. I hadn’t noticed until then.”

Where are you from?

“I’m from Spain/Ireland.”

How many men did you have sex with?

“I slept with maybe 20 men.”

Share your thoughts about her “tits” in the comments

Before I expose her completely, let’s discuss what already becomes apparent about her body from the picture in underwear.

At first sight, one might think that she has a relatively attractively shaped body.

But at closer sight, even the underwear cannot hide her inadequacies.

It’s clear that her bra size of “b or nearly a c” is only a dream. The bra she is wearing is clearly too loose – so loose that even her hair gets caught up in it.

And without the bra, her tits’ many other defects become visible as well.

What do you think? Share your thoughts and insults in the comments before she gets exposed completely.

10 thoughts on “61 – This 24 year old has every reason to feel insecure about her chest

  1. T

    Wow the divot between the breasts is like a canyon. Why even own a bra that oversized? to feel like a titless loser?

    I’m not going to fully judge them until the bra is off but its obvious they’re small and different sizes and will age very poorly sagging in different directions.

    1. Sj

      Thank you for being honest and fair I’m so embarrassed I even asked you and I will never take my bra off again without thinking about this

  2. Dave

    What a joke! Is that her grandma’s very unsexy oversized bra?! Her tits certainly look pathetic. No wonder she has been fucked by so many guys. Once they take off that bra and find nothing they will never go back to her again! She is destined to be a titless slut while guys choose real women.

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  4. Kikpassenger

    I think you should get rid of that bra, it’s just completely absurd that you pretend to wear something that would belong to a normal girl. If you have slept with 20 guys or so, you personally have redeeming features, probably you’re even hot. But you should come to terms with your shortcomings. Your tits are wonky, point in weird directions, they have both different sizes, and they are too saggy for being your age and such small. That’s the truth and you should accept it. You should post a new picture in which we could confirm this to you so can actually get the truth, and not the sugarcoated lies you probably receive from they guys that have loved you and your friends who probably tell you’re ok (but secretly being happy because they have better tits)

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