63 – Time is running out before this flatty’s face gets exposed

Flat chested woman with pierced nipples admits that she was cheated on because of her ugliness
A fate most flatties share, knowingly or unknowingly: their partners cheat on them with women with real tits

Flatty 63 still has a potentially ruinous challenge going on: either she eats dog food, or her face gets exposed.

Yet she still has not completed her task – nor has she even bought the delicious dog food that I picked for her.

But before her face gets exposed and her life ruined, even a flat-chested cunt deserves a warning.

Let’s laugh at how she was cheated on with a woman with F cups

An unshaved, swollen cunt with insults written on her skin
Her unshaved, swollen cunt looks almost as unhealthy as her underdeveloped tits

No man with a sex drive could stay faithful to an ugly wannabe slut as her.

Her body is hideous and unattractive. A quick glance at her puffy nipples and disgusting cunt will ruin the hardest boner – and not even viagra can change that.

Let her describe her suffering as a victim of cheating in her own words:

I was 19 when I had sex for the first time. I had sex with my boyfriend, but he couldn’t finish. He ended up cheating on me with a girl I knew, who has huge, perfect breasts, probably an F cup.

– Flatty 63

It is a joy to imagine how her stomach must have twisted in pain from the thought of her boyfriend fucking someone else. The fact that she knew the other girl and was aware of her attractiveness and huge tits only makes the thought more enjoyable.

Most likely, all her friends knew about it. The humiliation must have been intense. But certainly not as intense as the humiliation of having her face exposed or having to eat dog food.

Share your thoughts and insults in the comments

Do you think the other girl thought about her suffering, possibly getting wet from the thought of humiliating her?

As always: share your thoughts and insults in the comments.

27 thoughts on “63 – Time is running out before this flatty’s face gets exposed

  1. Daddy4bigtits

    That pussy is fucking disgusting. Real women have beautiful bald pussies, flatties like you do not deserve that. Your pussy is gross and you deserve to have a gross pussy. Your a flat chested piece of shit. I have already told you I will not comment on a post of you eating dog food, if you want me to insult your tits and pussy more you have to let your face be shown. I will literally ignore everything else from you if you don’t show your face. That said if you do I will absolutely write paragraphs for you to masturbate to about how awful your underdeveloped, misshapen tits are and how disgusted I am with your pussy. You know you need to know in full detail what I think. Show your face and find out.

  2. your pussy makes me sick

    dude, i’m literally terrified of a piece of junk as disgusting as the one you call a pussy.honestly if you were the last woman in the world i would rather come in my hand And tell you to shove my cum up your disgusting pussy
    Because I would literally never touch this disgusting, ugly crevice, it clearly must have a horrible odor

  3. David

    Why do her inner lips look like that? No, really: I’ve seen a lot of pussies, and never once have I seen one that looks like this. The inner lips are all weird and dark and bloated, and are substantially more prominent than her outer lips. I don’t know what has to happen to a pussy to cause this, but my goodness this is highly unfortunate.

    I don’t know what to say other than I’m sorry, 63. I almost feel badly even mocking you at this point. Through no fault of your own you got stuck with a heinously unappealing body, and there’s just nothing you can do about it. You poor thing.

  4. T

    63 should personally thank her F cup rival for showing her flattie girls can never be secure in any relationship as long as there are big beautiful breasted women around.

    1. T

      If she doesn’t do the task and ends up with her face posted shes going to ask to have it removed probably daily.

  5. X5xx

    Wow you are unbelievable ugly. You should really warn any guy before you get naked.
    Tell every boy you meet that you are not worth to be Seen naked as you have no tits and a hideous pussy.

    I’d rather do it myself than have to have sex with you

  6. Curtis

    I’m excited I hope her face get exposed, and then she tries to eat the dog food to get it taken down!

  7. Disgusted

    WOW, I wish I could post my Gf’s tits so you can see what Tits are supposed to like! OH MY EYES!

    1. Humili8er Post author

      Have her write the website on her tits and send me a picture, then I can make a comparison post on the future if her tits are really that great 😉

  8. A Higher Law

    I noticed you haven’t moderated my comment https://smalltitshumiliation.com/56-this-flatty-now-feels-like-everyone-is-laughing-at-her-disgusting-tits/#comment-2360 from back on July 8 yet, any special reason or did it just get overlooked? The first sentence is “It’s time to start buying expensive bras and clothes for her, Page” in case that helps finding it.

    I hope the focus on making #56 serve better-looking women is enjoyable for readers, I spent some time on it 🙂 If you can’t find it anywhere in your inbox, please let me know and I’ll re-send.


    A Higher Law

  9. Daddy4bigtits

    I second that. I’d love for some women with huge natural beautiful breasts to submit into this site for us to show flatties what real women look like.

  10. David

    I’ll second the interest in posting a side by side pic with flattie here and a real woman with a proper set of tits. You could do a point by point analysis of all of the ways 63’s body is inferior. The focus should be on her tits of course, but as we’ve seen here there’s really no redeeming aspect of her body.

  11. Nikki

    Holy shit that looks like a cunt that is used to only your fingers. You have terrible tiny tits, an ugly hairy cunt. I don’t even know if I’d want to see your face. It’s probably ugly too. Your so pathetic that when you masturbate you do not deserve toys. You don’t even deserve fake plastic cock.

  12. David

    It’s been more than two weeks since this “woman” was asked to either show her face or eat a can of dog food. Can we get an update on where this stands?

    1. Humili8er Post author

      Yes, you are right. My patience is also slowly ending with this flatty. If she doesn’t follow up on her promises she will be exposed soon.

      1. JD

        Appreciate the update, I don’t mind if you want to let her sit and stew on the matter, dreading the day. It only makes it better

  13. Arok

    Omg to show us your ugly tits wasn’t enough for you that you show us this ugly pussy? Its look like very smelly pussy

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  15. Daddy4bigtits

    You say you’re going to post her face soon. I’m glad it’s about time a flatty had her face exposed. However I don’t understand why you’re talking about only posting it for a little while? Are you not here to expose and humiliate flatties? She deserves for her face to live here permanently.


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