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7 stupid little rape toy

„Stupid little rape toy for older man :)“

She dreams of being raped by a man – finally, for once in her life, it would be a sign that, despite lacking a woman’s most attractive feature, she is desirable. Unfortunately, despite her best efforts, all of her attempts have failed: getting a nipple piercing, running around dressed like a slut and walking around drunk and alone at night could not make her dream come true of feeling sexually attractive. The only reason somebody would fuck her is out of boredom or to get some enjoyment from destroying her pussy, but never because she is desirable.

5 try hard slut

“Thought you’d enjoy a laugh at my expense”

Oh, yes I do. Your tiny tits are a disgraceful embarassment. Too bad that they stopped growing too soon – you will never be a real woman. When a man sees a real woman, he will simply have to look at her and admire her beauty, even when she is fully dressed.

But men will never even notice you, not even when you’re completely naked. So out of desperation, you got both your nipples pierced (as many flat whores do in an embarassing attempt to draw attention to their “tits”) and wrote degrading but true statements on your body in various colors.

Yet you can try as hard as you want. You will always remain a piece of meat to be abused and laughed at by men, and never an object of desire.