68 – “I have been self-conscious about my breasts since puberty”

Flat-chested woman in a "sexy" outfit - unfortunately she is so flat that it is completely impossible to tell her gender based on a dressed picture
Based on this picture, you’d have a 50-50 chance of correctly guessing the gender of the person displayed on it

So far, flatty 68 seems to be well-behaved. Here is how she introduced herself in her first message:

I’m 29 years old and have been self-conscious about my breasts since puberty. I was teased, bullied, and harassed throughout school and into my adult life. Although I’ve been in the BDSM world for awhile, I’ve kept my small breast vulnerability in a taboo area of play as part of my greatest kink: humiliation. 

– Flatty 68

With her non-existent tits, she has more than enough reasons to be ashamed of her body

Flat-chested woman in a supposedly "sexy" outfit trying to make  her tits appear bigger than they are
From the side, her “tits” are just as unimpressive and non-existent as from the front

As her answers to the basic questions that all flatties need to answer make clear, she has more than enough reasons to be ashamed of her body.

What is your bra size?

“My bra size is 36B. I’ve always bought padded bras out of envy of my larger breasted friends. I’ve avoided going to the beach with them because I felt so inadequate.”

What is the most embarrassing/humiliating experience you ever had with your tiny “tits”?

“As far as stories go, there are plenty of embarrassing public scenarios that I’ve encountered, which have left me red in the face. Privately, I’ve always feared what reaction a guy will have when my bra comes off – my lie.

I’m basically catfishing, and the look of disappointment that flashes over their face gets imprinted in my mind every single fucking time. My worst experience was a kink one, where I had mentioned a soft-limit of small breast humiliation and he delivered the most vicious line I’ve ever received – “You’re flat like a boy, I might as well fuck you in the ass like one”. And he did, causing the verbal humiliation to blend with sodomizing me into an orgasmic bliss that I’ve yet to hit again.”

Do you want to learn more about small tits humiliation? Check out the FAQ.

What do you think about her completely unimpressive figure?

When I ordered her to send pictures in a “sexy outfit”, she sent the ridiculous pictures you can see in this post.

She is so flat that it is not even possible to tell her gender without seeing her face.

She looks like a complete joke and it is no wonder that many men only ever wanted to fuck her in the ass.

What do you think about these ridiculous pictures? Share your thoughts and insults in the comments.

And don’t forget to check back soon for pictures of her in underwear and, of course, naked.

20 thoughts on “68 – “I have been self-conscious about my breasts since puberty”

  1. Reviewer A

    Merry Christmas to all small titted and distraught,
    Seeking validation and showing what they’ve got,
    But men prefer real women which is something they’re not,
    Humiliation in life, it seems, is they’re lot.

    For any seeking the holiday gift of cruel and honest judgment, you may reach out to [email protected]

    Also, this little boy is hardly worthy of independent consideration, but it will be interesting to see how he tries to enhance himself in future pictures. Make-up and mail polish, or just cutting himself down in his shame?

    1. Mel


      I’m certainly not a little boy, but I’m also honest enough to admit the lack of breast tissue and flatness in my chest places me below more bountiful women. I’ve followed up on your offer – we can discuss more there.

  2. TryANewKink

    Well, I guess “she” has decent pecs. I’m assuming that the admin has seen “her” naked and can confirm that this is not a cross-dressing 15yo boy. Makes me think that any men “she’s” managed to catfish might have been looking for something completely different and fairly illegal.
    Semi-tangent: Clearly, these people don’t understand what “sexy outfit” means. It means something that will turn head in a crowd. Something that will emphasize their assets and make up for what they lack. A too-long tank top that you use as a nightie when it’s that-time-of-the-month is the complete opposite of sexy. This would be the perfect outfit if you wanted to blend into the background. Perhaps clearer instructions are needed for submissions.

    1. Mel


      I assure you this isn’t the case. Although I do agree that I failed to properly execute on my “sexy outfit” task

    2. AwfulMind

      It is incredibly important that gets surgery as soon as possible.
      Every day without boobs, she and everyone who sees her will suffer unbelievable pain because she looks so atrocious.
      I think if you had the money to either enhance your tits or get possibly lifesaving surgery, please go for the tits.
      At least you wont die as ugly and everyone who has to look at your corpse will feel much less uncomfortable then.

  3. Ed

    Oh my God this one REALLY does look like a boy. If it were up to me I would cut your hair off and make you wear only men clothes.

    1. Mel

      I suppose it would make it easier to get along with the gym bros, plus I’d save a bunch on hair products!
      Unfortunately, nothing between these legs, lol

  4. Masterj

    You crave to be seen and want to be accepted, it looks as if you don’t have what it takes to show off properly being you look really flat. BDSM will be your only out to get to where you want to be. Please let’s hear what you think you are good at to overcome your short comings. [email protected]

  5. David

    Mel’s body is truly unfortunate. By which I mean, “she” has some decent curves around her ass. With literally *anything* on “her” chest, “she” could actually have a decent figure. But instead, we get what we see here: absolutely no curves or form to her chest at all. It makes her entire body look unbalanced and misshapen. Her ass only accentuates how devoid of breasts “she” is. How utterly embarrassing for “her”—and there’s nothing “she” can do to hide it. You poor, titless thing.

    1. Mel


      Thank you for acknowledging my bubble butt. I’ve dedicated a lot of my gym time towards enhancing the one thing I can, given my lack of breast. You’re correct that I lack the other curves necessary to balance out my body, directing focus to my only worth attribute.


  6. SeeJay

    I do hope you are wasting money on bras, you pathetic little flatty. Padded or not, nothing will help you give you what you so obviously lack. If anything, you should still be in nothing more than starter training bras. Oh, to see you go to the store & purchase some of those from the pretty blonde sales assistant with the big tits, such delicious embarrasment & humiliation

    1. Mel


      It’s ridiculous how much I’ve spent on different bra brands trying to find one that ups my cup size and doesn’t look stupid on my chest. I have yet to find one.
      You nailed it on the head with training bras – I had mine for far too long. That would be a deliciously embarrassing scenario. Well endowed women make me swoon with envy and reinforce my beta status.

      1. SeeJay

        Maybe we should reinforce it further. The well endowed woman serving you should be someone you know who has never let you forget what an itty bitty excuse for a woman you are, be that the pretty high school cheerleader you once knew, the ex work colleague who fucked your crush because she turned his head in ways you never could

        1. Mel

          My beta status is quickly becoming more apparent to me, thanks to feedback from other posters. Despite the fact that I might be served by others in the service industry, I still acknowledge their superiority as larger breasted women.

  7. Your tits make me sick

    it’s ridiculous how much she looks like a man in a dress, maybe she really is, and she’s just such a failure that she couldn’t grow a dick, maybe her problem is genetics.
    Well, I’d love to see you suffer trying to tie those “boobs” of yours. Make it and send it to the site.
    And if you’re looking for a heavier humiliation, call me on telegram @Godric123
    See you later, flat board

  8. Mick

    I think flatty68 has been very brave to come forward and accept her position as a beta female. The humiliation she has faced over many years must burn deep in her senses knowing the feeling the next time she goes clothes shopping or the next man is disappointed when the padded bra is removed to expose her ityy bitty flat titties.
    She is right to envy large breasted women and the humiliation of seeing them must make her mind race. The intense feeling of humiliation now arouses her, from some angles it is impossible to see she has tits. The decision to fuck her in the ass was probably correct as she obviously is less than beta. Additionally photos would help to make a more informed decision.
    I can’t fathom how she feels when she looks at her nipples in the mirror cause she certainly has not got any tits.
    Be brave flaty68

  9. X5xx

    I think it’s exaggerated to call your ass a worth attribute. It only stands out because it’s the only curve that shows up on your body.

    if you want to hear more about how your body affects others, get in touch

    [email protected]

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