68 – Can you guess which of these pictures shows this flatty in a padded bra? (part 2)

Option 1: Do you think this picture shows this flatty in a padded bra?

In the last post, we could already see how ridiculous flatty 68 looks like in a supposedly “sexy” outfit.

At least, the insulting post and comments have made her realize how unattractive she is.

I didn’t realize how flat I look from the front – I’m throwing out that dress.

– Flatty 68

Now, the time has come to continue her exposure. The next step: humiliating pictures of her in ridiculous underwear.

She is so flat that even a padded bra doesn’t make any difference at all

Option 2: Or does this picture include a padded bra?

For a woman with medium-sized tits, a padded bra – or even a push-up bra – can make the difference between looking okay-ish and looking reasonably hot.

Unfortunately, these bras have two disadvantages: obviously, the effect disappears once the woman gets naked. And, they only work if there are at least some tits to begin with.

Yet for a flatty with tiny mosquito bites as 68, the effect is essentially invisible. After seeing both pictures, I first thought that she had failed in her task and mistakenly sent two pictures without padded bras.

She looks “flat like a boy” no matter what she’s wearing

On both pictures, she looks like a boy. She doesn’t have any cleavage whatsoever.

But I’ll give you a hint.

Do you want to get exposed and humiliated as her? Then it’s time for you to gather your courage and face the truth.

If you look closely enough, you will be able to that her belly button is not the only place where she is pieced (as happens to be the case with many flatties, such as, for example, this one or this one).

If it weren’t for the fact that one of the “bras” is more see-through than the other, it would be completely impossible to distinguish them from each other.

Does seeing flatty 68 in underwear change your opinion of her?

As always, share your thoughts and insults in the comments. And check back soon to see her without the ridiculously looking bras.

9 thoughts on “68 – Can you guess which of these pictures shows this flatty in a padded bra? (part 2)

  1. Reviewer A

    In the last post, she tried to defend herself by arguing that she was shredded and showing off her arms. But this post shows she is not shredded, but just too skinny and sad looking. She really does lack all curves and her attempt to add a cute little navel ring is ruined by the fact that she couldn’t even get someone competent to put it in straight.

    The biggest positive is that she no longer has to worry about catfishing men with her padded bra. They won’t be able to tell the difference anyway.

    When your clothes come off, the look you see is not the shock of deception. Only disappointment.

    1. Mel


      Unfortunately, these photos do not highlight my athletic prowess or hours input at the gym and I appear ‘skinny’. As my focus is on maintaining my physique and working on my bubble butt, rather than building muscle, it’s understandable how you arrived at this conclusion.
      As always, thank you for your feedback.

  2. Mick

    The question is, does she have the courage to expose those little itty bitty titties for everyone to see. Unfortunately she has the figure of a boy. How many men has she used her padded bra bullshit on, imagine being Catfished like that. Watching as she strips down , your first reaction would be is she a tgirl. Does she just have nipples are there any tits I wonder, the humiliation must burn deep inside her.

    Flatty 68, do you have the courage to defend those little titties.

    1. Mel

      I believe the latest post exposes the flesh and nipples you seek. The humiliation is always present, my confidence levels never lower. Thank you.

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