9 “I don’t fill the dress”

“I don’t fill the dress”

When she grew up, she noticed with envy how her female classmates all began to grow tits. Every day, she checked herself in the mirror, hoping that she would finally get some tits as well; every night, she cried herself to sleep, praying that the next morning, she would wake up and finally see something – anything – on her chest other than nipples.

Now that she’s grown up, she still doesn’t have any tits. All she is is a useless piece of disgusting meat that nobody wants to fuck. Nobody even cares about her. Complete ignorance by males and years of bullying by her large-breasted classmates have destroyed her completely. All she has left from her childhood are painful memories of being ridiculed, ignored and abused – and this piece of paper, which her classmates put on her whenever they were taught by her favorite teacher, on whom she had a crush.

When he raped her ass and mouth, she didn’t dare to tell anybody. Not that anybody would have believed her. Who – perhaps other than gays – would be interested in a disgustingly ugly flat chest such as hers?

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