40 “One girl pointed out that I was flat”

When was the first time you realized that your “tits” are smaller than they should be? “When everyone needed a bra because their boobs were big, but when I wore it I knew I didnt need it… even the smallest one was loose in the cups.” What is the most embarrassing/humiliating experience you ever hadContinue reading “40 “One girl pointed out that I was flat””

9 “I don’t fill the dress”

When she grew up, she noticed with envy how her female classmates all began to grow tits. Every day, she checked herself in the mirror, hoping that she would finally get some tits as well; every night, she cried herself to sleep, praying that the next morning, she would wake up and finally see somethingContinue reading “9 “I don’t fill the dress””

6 flat whore

It’s painful to watch how desperately she would like some male attention and how happy she would be with a cock on her chest. But without tits, obviously, a tit fuck is impossible. If she presses her chest together with all her force, she is barely able to make such a tiny pen stick forContinue reading “6 flat whore”

5 try hard slut

Oh, yes I do. Your tiny tits are a disgraceful embarassment. Too bad that they stopped growing too soon – you will never be a real woman. When a man sees a real woman, he will simply have to look at her and admire her beauty, even when she is fully dressed. But men willContinue reading “5 try hard slut”

4 “barely an aa”

You look disgusting. At least your brain must be a bit larger than your chest is big because you’re clever enough to know that you should be ashamed of your chest. You have the flattest chest one can imagine. It is absolutely, 100 percent unattractive and a massive turnoff even for the horniest men. ToContinue reading “4 “barely an aa””