Ruining the self confidence of flat-chested “women”

I am looking for flatties who want to be taught to accept their place and have what little they have left of their self-confidence – after countless rejections, humiliating experiences, nagging comments by family, friends and strangers or high school bullying, all because of their tiny “tits” – ruined.

If you are willing to take part, apply by completing the writing task from these pictures 100 times and send a picture of your flat chest with to my email address that you can find here.

Then, we’ll do an initial assessment of your self-confidence and feelings about your “tits”. During the program and at its end, you will complete another assessment to determine how much your confidence has deteriorated.

But beware: it will be hard, challenging, and might make you cry, you poor, little, flat thing.

3 thoughts on “Ruining the self confidence of flat-chested “women”

  1. JD

    Haha, I love how she’s writing to you already. She’s put so much time in just hoping to be exposed online. I hope you make her really degrade herself before you show her little fucking pancakes to the world


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