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Tit sizes matter – what science can tell us about small tits humiliation

The nipples on her tiny tits are hard from embarrassment after writing smalltitshumiliation.com on them
Many “women” such as this one (flatty 52) are terribly ashamed of their small tits – and scientific studies show that they are right to do so: bigger tits are better

As any reader of this website will long have noticed: many women are ashamed of their small tits. So much that they enjoy exposing their small tits online to get off on the humiliation.

As I have written here, there is a clear difference between beautiful tits and ugly tits.

Flatty 52 from the picture above is a clear example of ugly (or even non-existent) tits: her tits are so small that she almost looks like a boy.

Surveys on tit sizes: Almost 50 percent of women wish they had larger tits

I have decided to not just expose individual flatties on here, but also to conduct some research into the biology and psychology of tit sizes. An example of an earlier post on this is this documentary about how three women deal with having tiny tits.

Research on this is really quite illuminating. In particular, there are three findings that are encouraging for lovers of small tits humiliation:

1. For various reasons, bigger tits are (perceived to be as) more attractive and desirable than small tits. In many ways, this is a standard that holds true across cultures and time

2. Most people, and especially flat-chested women, realize this. For example, one large, world-wide survey shows that 50 percent of women wish they had bigger tits, and more than 70% are generally dissatisfied with their tits

3. There are countless interesting findings that are correlated with having small tits, such as lower self-confidence and higher ratings in neuroticism that make flatties more susceptible to getting humiliated and ridiculed

What would you like to know about the biology and psychology of tit sizes?

As I mentioned, I am planning to conduct additional research into tit sizes and answer questions about the evolutionary benefits of larger tits, the cultural importance of having bigger boobs and the negative effects that having small tits can have on womens’ self-confidence.

I might even write a small ebook on this topic where I will also portray a handful of flatties in much more detail than in the posts on here.

Let me know if you are such a flatty and would like to be portrayed in the book.

Let me know if you want to be portrayed in the book


But: only if you are willing to 100% commit to send me a number of pictures, answer detailed questions and write detailed answers about your experience and your reflection on some of the findings that I will share with you.

Also let me know if there are some specific questions related to boob sizes that you would like me to address, or if you know of some particularly interesting studies or articles that might be relevant.