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32 “Are my tits big enough?”

“Are my tits big enough?”

At first, I’d be inclined to say that your tits appear to be bigger than most on this blog, at least on the first picture. But upon closer inspection, a large part of that seems to be due to the lighting , your choice of bra and – at least on the second picture – due to your pushing up your “tits” with your arms.

But even more importantly, the fact that you are so insecure about your “tits” that you have to ask whether they are big enough speaks volumes about you. Clearly you have, through the course of your life, picked up upon the thousands and thousands of small glances, gestures, comments and almost indiscernible behaviors of men and real, busty women around you, who clearly seemed to think that your “tits” are inadequate.

You yourself seem to be convinced of that, too. Why else would you have to ask, and why else would you be too ashamed to show your naked tits, and hide them underneath a bra and with your arms? The answer is probably that you are not just ashamed of the size of your “tits”, but also of your areola, nipples, or sagginess. You poor, poor, worthless thing.