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57 – You know you’re ugly when your stomach is bigger than your tits (part 2)

We could all already laugh at this digusting fat cow, who said of herself that she is fat with no tits.

It’s really a mystery how she is able to be disgustingly fat, but at the same time have almost no tits. Without her ugly, cheap tattoo and the nipple clamps, her tits would be completely invisible on this picture.

Normally, men are drawn to the sight of naked tits. With her, they are repelled – not just because of her tits, but also because of her fat belly.

It is pathetic how desperate she is for attention

What’s even more embarrassing about fatty 57 than her hideous looks is how desperately she is trying to attract attention. Not only does she take countless, vomit-inducing pictures of herself – she also shares ridiculous stories about getting “belly-fucked” in the comments on the first post.

Let’s make sure that this fat cow never hears a positive word about its trashy body again and that she herself has to vomit whenever she looks in the mirror. Who knows – it might even help her lose weight.

If you have additional insults to share, let her know in the comments.